What is the Difference Between Management and Administration ?


What is the Difference Between Management and Administration ? confused !! Hope it winks your mind deeply and you are thinking , most probably both are same in meaning and used at different places. Administration may be in Govt Organisation and Management in Private one.

To understand the difference between , first we have to know the actual meanings of the concept behind the word.

Administration is nothing but a process , which frames the rule and regulation , objective and policy of the company/organisation. It defines the purpose and create the rule to achieve it. This process create by higher level of the organisation and flow to the bottom level maintain the work structure inside the company or organisation.

Management is a function which regulate and implement the administrative decision. Management follow the process and objectives, also responsible to maintain the process perfectly.

It’s not like that , Management only follow the process, some times management also responsible to create the administrative rule for the Organisation. Management responsible for the strategic planning of the Administration.

Most of the time Management is only execute the decision , where as administration create the functions of the decision.

Administration mostly implemented in Govt Organisation. Functions always followed by the other without disturbing the rule and regulation.

Management is the core part of the Private organisation.

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