Do you know the Syllabus for Banking Examination?


If you are preparing for to join Banking, you must know the Syllabus for Banking Examination thoroughly. That will give you confidence on preparation and increase the probability of a better score card.

Knowing syllabus will guide you what to read and how to read.

If you know the Syllabus for Banking Examination completely, you can also prepare it from Home.

You can prepare your banking Examination through Websites, Mobile Apps, and Mock test Websites from anywhere rather than going to a physical location or Coaching center.

know the Syllabus for Banking Examination

You know that IBPS is conducting Examination for Banking in two phase. You can start your banking preparation from today by knowing the syllabus of Banking Exam.

  • Preliminary Exam
  • Main Exam

Few sections of both the examination are quite similar but question wise main Exam is tough than Preliminary. The section like English and Mathematics are same in both Exams where as the level of questions are different.

Syllabus for Banking ExaminationSyllabus for Preliminary Examination

You have to answer 100 objective type questions within 1 hour in Preliminary Examination.

You will find questions from below 3 sections in Preliminary Examination.

  1. English Language
  2. Quantitative Aptitude
  3. Reasoning Ability

In the English Language Section, you will find the questions from Vocabulary, Synonyms, Antonyms, Sentence Completion, Sentence rearrangement Questions, Word formation, Passage Completion, Topic Arrangement Etc,

This section identifies your English language Skills.

You can use below-recommended books to prepare for English Language comprehension.

Both the books are widely used by the students those are preparing for Competitive Examination. You can use these books from banking to MBA Entrance Examination.

Are you good at mathematics?

Quantitative Aptitude Section tests your mathematics Knowledge. Questions include Logical Problems, profit, and Loss, Square Roots and Compound, proportion, Simplification, Algebra, Probability, percentage time and work, interest Calculation etc.

Questions include Logical Problems, profit, and Loss, Square Roots and Compound, proportion, Simplification, Algebra, Probability, percentage time and work, interest Calculation etc.

You need to know tips and techniques to crack Quantitative aptitude Section. Most of the shortcut methods are used to answer this section, you need to practice more to answer correctly.

These recommended books will help you to know shortcut methods to answer this section.

  1. Quantitative Aptitude for competitive Examination By R S Agarwal
  2. First Track Objective Arithmetic By Rajesh Verma
  3. Magical Book of Quicker maths by M Tyra

Books by M Tyra and R S Agarwal is widely accepted by the Competitive Aspirants. These books are simple to understand and full of shortcut methods to crack any of competitive Examination.

Reasoning Ability section needs more practice and understanding. You need a defined skill set to solve reasoning problems.

You will find the questions of Number Series, Letter and Symbol Series, Statements, Arguments, Alphabet Tests, Passage and Conclusions, Blood Relations, Input-output, Coding, Number Ranking, Odd Figures etc.

There is no shortcut to answer these section. Practice only can help you to crack it. As much as you practice, your answer chance will increase.

Follow these books to practice for Reasoning Section.

  1. A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning By R S Agarwal
  2. A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by R S Agarwal
  3. How to Crack Test of Reasoning By Arihant Publication

Along with books, you have to use Youtube Channels and Web sites to practice reasoning Section.

Syllabus for Banking Main Examination

After qualifying Preliminary Exam you will be called for Main Exam. The questions of the main exam are tough than Preliminary one. You need to practice in-depth for every section.

You have to Answer 150+ questions within 3 Hours in this Exam. Specified time is allocated to each section. So you have to answer the section within that time limit only. You have to answer the questions of one section only at a time. You can not over lap the time for the section.

Prepare your answer only section wise.

  • Banking preparationEnglish Language
  • Reasoning and Computer Aptitude
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • General Knowledge and banking Awareness
  • English Language (Essay Writing)

Same book you can follow for English language, Reasoning, and Mathematics.

You have to prepare for General Awareness, Banking Awareness, and Basics of Computer for the Main Exam.

There are no specific resources to prepare for General Awareness because every day some events are added to the list. So, you have to stay updated by reading News Paper Daily and by following News Channels, Monthly/Weekly Magazines, and Web sites.

There are some Books you can follow to improve your General Awareness.

  1. Objective  General Knowledge & Awareness for Bank By YPS
  2. General Awareness for SSc Exam by Disha Experts

Use these Books to Improve knowledge in banking Awareness.

  1. Banking Awareness By Arihant Experts
  2. Banking Awareness for SBI  & IBPS By Disha Experts
  3. Banking and Economic Awareness By Rakesh Kumar

Use these Books to Improve knowledge in Computer Awareness.

Books are the best source of Knowledge.You can also use various YoutuBe Channels and Web sites to prepare and practice in-depth.

Start preparing for banking Exam from today Step-By-Step and section wise. Don’t overlap your Preparation. Give ample time and learn the best techniques to answer the questions within time.

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