Does Coaching Centers Really help Students?


There is no denying that coaching centers have created a huge business in the recent years and runs parallel with our education system. This industry is booming and estimated to be about Rs 5,000 crore with growing rate registered annually at 20 percent. However, problem is that there is no research available to know exactly the impact of coaching classes on the student’s academic performance, or the psychological, intellectual and physical repercussions.

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Often we come across news about the physical and mental strain the classes put on the students and also how some classes dupe not just the students but also the institutions they prepare their students for – by getting their hands on question papers through dubious means.

Though education in India may be subsidized and cheap as compared to that in developed countries but if one adds the cost of coaching it gets formidable for Indian pockets. Even new coaching classes are springing up in every gully cost a lot of money.

Why coaching centers popular in India?

Coaching centers are aggressively promoted to excel in Education because of less focus on education in Schools and Colleges. Every parent is ready to pay more fees to coaching centers  for one to one education.

3 most Benefits of Coaching Centers :-

  1. One to one Coaching
  2. Personalized  Attention
  3. Flexibility Timings

In a large number class, it is difficult to learn perfectly for every student. Most of the students do not participate in the classroom due to shy in nature. They need to be personalized attention by a mentor to understand the topic better.

Coaching centers are viable alternatives for parents those are not able to assists their children in their studies. It the best alternatives to get personalized learning.

Tuition helping Parents and students to find a Tutor in the city.

Some coaching institutions teach things which often tend to be something which much higher than what is being taught in the class. So if the child is not able to understand what is being taught in the class then how would they be able to comprehend the higher level of it? The end result is that neither the child is able to concentrate in the class nor at these coaching institutes which breaks the confidence of the child and makes them demotivated.

Many students who want to enter medical college have it really bad as the competition is cut-throat and in the two years running up to admission they have to sacrifice every extra-curricular activity. If our government is finding it tough monitoring our schools, what can we expect when it comes to monitoring the coaching class industry? But some schools have taken an initiative to do away with coaching classes by increasing faculty and quality of education imparted with greater care for each student. More of such steps are sure to benefit the students in our country.

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Rituparna Das
Student Reporter at Linkfried, Rituparna is a student of Yadavpur University, Calcutta. She writes about Education News, Information , announcement From calcutta.