Does Private Educational Institutions Provide Better Education?


The long-standing debate about the efficiency of private educational institutes providing better educational facilities and a better environment for studies have always come with its pros and cons. However in recent years we have seen a marked tendency, especially in financially well-off households to send their children to private institutes as they promise a better atmosphere for studies. The main argument that they posit is that the quality of education is much better than government institutes and students get familiarized with the level of competition that they would face in the future.

Better EducationBut due to higher education becoming more and more expensive, admissions in such institutions have become unaffordable for even middle-class people. This automatically leads to a decrease in no. of higher professionals in India. Further serious doubts have also been raised against the quality of teaching faculty employed by such private educational institutes. These institutes are reputed in maintaining a strict curriculum, but often complains have been registered regarding their teaching techniques which make students to just learn by heart the subjects for good scores. These institutes are often governed by mere profit motives which become harmful for to the students in the long run.

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The only solution to this problem is that the in the government institutes the quality of education should be improved. Private educational institutes provide a good alternative and help in maintaining a competition but if they become overtly expensive it would harm the imparting of quality education. If fees remain reasonable and the teaching faculty is carefully employed, private educational institutions would surely benefit the students a lot.

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