Does watching television Harms your Brain?


Study and Television

Nobody can deny the fact that watching television is fun. Programs are designed in a way to attract more and more viewers, and we in turn get hooked to our television sets for hours at a go. However one cannot blatantly say that watching television is completely harmful for one’s brain. Be it a funny comedy, an action-packed crime drama, a sporting event, or a musical reality show, television programs offer a little something for everyone and it depends on how much time we spend on such shows and what we choose to watch.

Television programs can be and those viewers watching it could hugely benefit from such shows. Many cable channels also feature fascinating educational content, from biographies and nature shows to historical features and game shows. In recent year the number of such channels have increased and people nowadays get a wide variety to choose from such education providing channels. The major criticism hurled against television is against watching TOO MUCH television rather than television in general.

The visual projection has more impact in our brains and thus if any educational show is watched chances are that people would retain it for a longer time. However experts note that the earliest childhood years are critical for brain development and so they believe that too much television can impede proper brain development by getting in the way of natural learning activities, such as exploring, playing, and interacting with people and the environment. The trick is to watch television but for a limited time each day and watch good shows that enhance our knowledge.

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Rituparna Das
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