Actionable Dreams , Inspiration form Gaurav Munjal, Creator of Flat.To


Since our childhood we learn to dream. We dream because we face a lot of questions about our future. “What do you want to become when you grow up” is the most common question which almost every child has faced. We start thinking and then answer like “I want to become a Doctor” or “I want to become an engineer” etc. It’s great to dream and great to answer. The point is that how many of us work hard to make the dream true. Of course, a few of us reach to the height but at the same time a lot of people get deviate from the path. They get deviated because of the trouble they have to face. They have always been in their comfort zone and hence, are scared to come out of the comfort zone and do something bigger.

Why do we want to work for others?

It’s very simple to work for others because the system is established and we just have to follow the given path. For that we get a good salary and some perks. In reality we fear to lead the path which is full of challenges. We always tend to find easiest way to escape. Working for the given hours in the same way as taught and checking the bank account at the end of the month, is what we usually do.

Here we introduce, Mr. Gaurav Munjal, the founder of Like any other successful person he also faced a lot of challenges in his life and of course, at times failed too, but he never gave up. He believed in his dream and tried every bit possible to make it successful. During School Days only, he started e-XRays, Online content presence for his School. With passion and eager again he accomplished his dream by launching , which has recently been acquired by Common floor, a real estate searching portal.

Dream to Action , A journey to Discover :-

When you choose the path to discover your dream , it may be rough but follow till your success. First achievement will pull you to the next level.

that one dream



He talks about his Actionable dreams and  journey with Passion at TEDx. The failure never drags him down. He learn the success from the failure. Never Give up. Now he is awarded with multiple success , because he carry his dreams at any cost.

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