EFLU Hyderabad: A language learner’s paradise


If you are the type of person who is passionate about languages, if you think that literature makes life a little more interesting, if you believe that communication is pivotal in the making and maintenance of the world as we know it, then The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) is where you belong!

The university, which offers various programmes in English and ten other foreign languages, is, by all means, a language – learner’s ‘paradise’.

For its excellence in academics and co-curricular operations, EFLU was accredited an ‘A’ grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and has the best teacher-student ratio (0.40) among all government universities in the country, even surpassing JNU (0.38).

EFLU HyderabadEstablished in 1958 as a premier institute for language, research and training as Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had envisioned, EFLU was deemed a central university by an Act of parliament in 2006-2007.

Apart from the university’s focus on the study and research of languages, there has also been much emphasis given to interdisciplinary studies, which attempt to understand, critically, the media, literature, aesthetics and the politics of our society.

With seven schools and 26 departments, the university has undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes besides postgraduate diplomas, language-proficiency courses, and distance-mode degrees. Full-time English programmes at EFLU, Hyderabad, offers the study of Literature (English Literature, Indian and World Literatures, Comparative Literature, Translation Studies), English Language Education (ELE), Journalism & Mass Communication (JMC), Linguistics (including Computational Linguistics) and Interdisciplinary Studies (Cultural Studies, Aesthetics & Philosophy, Film Studies, Social Exclusion Studies).

Foreign languages courses at the university include Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Persian, of which Korean, Persian, Italian and Chinese are offered only as diplomas, proficiency and/or part-time courses. Hindi is offered at the postgraduate level and doctoral levels.

Career Opportunities

Foreign languages students who have successfully completed their degrees at the university have a strong chance of getting placed in campus recruitments.

They are mainly hired as language experts in companies (like Amazon) and as language instructors. As in the case of English students (mostly MA), the kind of job opportunities at the table, pertain to content writing, editing and teaching.

Companies like Oracle, Byju’s and Papertrue are some regulars at campus placements in EFLU.

Why learn foreign languages at EFLU?

EFLU is aimed at providing an outstanding education in the field of English and foreign languages.

The academic atmosphere of the university is facilitated in such a way that one can sense the ‘language in the air’. Emphasis has been given to an immersive mode of learning vis-à-vis a textbook-oriented mode of teaching as it has been well established that the best way to learn a language is to expose oneself to circumstances where you are expected to communicate in the target language.

All kinds of class-based interaction happen in the target language and therefore a minimum level of language expertise is acquired even at early stages.

As there is the rampant need for better international communications in this day and age of globalization, the scope for language experts, in terms of career, is getting better.

This also provides the graduates with opportunities to work abroad, helping in bettering communications on a global scale.

Why learn English at EFLU?

The various disciplines of English at the university seek to impart better instruction and training in the language, simultaneously furthering research.

EFLU HyderabadThe teaching faculty of EFLU is one of the best in the country, having professors who are widely read and admired.

What is one distinctive feature of the Master’s programme in English here is that it follows a ‘cafeteria’ system.

Students can opt for various papers from different departments to their liking and at the end of the course; they will be awarded the degree with a specialization, which will be bracketed.

For e.g. a student who has taken a majority of Literature papers during the course will have his/her specialization as literature (MA English [Literature]).

In short, the students get to ‘design’ their syllabi.

The terms for obtaining the degree in a particular specialization is mentioned clearly in the prospectus. Undergraduate courses here follow a Choice Based Credit System where students get to decide some of their courses (electives) that familiarize them with other schools of study.

The ambiance at the university is nurtured in such a way that the co-curricular activities happening in the campus are conducive to the learning of English.

There are clubs promoting literature, films, and theatre where joining conversations is an integral part. Thus learning here happens is very organic, communitarian way.


One hotspot at EFLU, Hyderabad, is its library that has a whopping collection of 1, 67,000 books and bibliophiles spending their whole day there, is a familiar sight. In addition, the Educational Media Research (EMRC) at the university carries out radio and television productions, where students are roped in for media projects. Students who take media-based courses here are thus exposed to practical experiences in very professional environments.

Apart from these facilities, the university has a publications unit, a cell for disabled, counseling center and a health center.

Even as this is the case, what truly makes EFLU a holistic space is the cultural exchange amongst students from all parts of the country (and even abroad).

How to Apply?

Entrance examinations for EFLU are online-based and are usually conducted in February. The call for admissions is notified through newspapers and the university website.

For the admission to three-year undergraduate programmes, anyone who has passed an intermediate or class 12 examination or its equivalents is eligible to apply.

For post-graduate programmes, an applicant belonging to general/OBC category must have passed an undergraduate degree with at least 55% as for those belonging to SC/ST category, the requirement is 50%.

However, admissions for part-time courses in English and French are held separately and are duly notified in the university website when it is offered.

An application fee for candidates is usually Rs 500 for general and OBC category and Rs 250 for SC/STs which is to be paid online.

For more details, visit: www.efluniversity.ac.in

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