Encounter To Fake Certificate, Online Verification Of Certificate Soon


To encounter the fake certificate , Bangalore University Upload the Students academic certificate Online from next year.  Bangalore University is planing to upload the scanned copy of academic certificate of the student to prevent the certificate fake at the Job. The employer can verify the certificates online of the students rather than sending physical copy of the certificate to the University.

By this process, the employer will get verified employee as well as University will not spend valuable time to verify the students certificate. Manual verification of the certificate takes too much time.

Bangalore University every day cross check near about 150 certificates from Companies and 50 from Foreign based companies.

The new system prevent the fake certificate holder for the job and save verification time of the employer.

fake certificate

It’s surprising , now a days fake certificates are available in Quikr also. Be aware of the Fake certificates, Employers are spending too much money to catch the job holder having fake certificates.

The Fake certificates are provided to the students to get the job quickly without any attending any of the examination and comes with different rate from Rs 5000 to Rs 50000 according to job , candidate applying for.

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