Why are Engineering Seats Vacant after 6th Round of admission?

engineering seats are vacant

As per TOI report total, 5915 seats remain vacant in Various Engineering Colleges through out the country even after 6th round of admission. Engineering seats vacant is a serious issue for us.

The question is In the era of engineering, Why are Engineering Seats Vacant? Still, we are running low interest among students towards the Engineering degree.   It is very difficult to say about the interest for Engineering course. The revolution started and industry needs new technology.

engineering seats are vacantIt’s Surprising that seats are vacant in the reputed Engineering colleges, like IIT, NITs and other Govt funded Institutes.

There could be a reason of choice of Institute over the course among students. Now students are not ready to compromise their interest.

It is very difficult to say about the interest for Engineering course. The revolution started and industry needs the new skill set to

The revolution started among the engineering fields and industry needs a new skill set to overcome that.  Our old engineering courses are needed improvement in structure and addition of new technology into it.

Students are now interested short term courses/Skills to land a job immediately.

25% seats in Govt engineering colleges still vacant in Uttar Pradesh. 901 seats are vacant out of 3748 seats in 12 Govt colleges.

If we are talking about best Engineering college, Kamla Nehru Institute and Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering and Technology (BIET), in both the cases seats are still vacant.

  • Kamla Nehru Institute: 102 Seats Vacant
  • Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering and Technology (BIET): 104 Seats Vacant

Engineering Students Is the Engineering loose the charm? 

In my point of view, it is a just transformation from the compulsion to interest based. For some time being it is good also.

We have to think about to change our Education structure to fill the available seats, not to force the students to admit an old fashioned course model.

Let’s pledge for the change.

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