English Mania: An Emerging English Coaching Class in Odisha


English is one of the most important Global languages. Most of the international transactions of recent times were concluded in English. The language has contributed significantly to narrowing the gap between the geographical boundaries.

In our country, we have people living in different states speaking different languages. But here English plays a vital role of a bridge. It helps different natives of different regional dialects to communicate with each other.

The prospect of employment for a person having knowledge of English is bright in every country.

English Mania
English is one of the most important Global languages

The benefits of learning English can be seen in the economic, social and political life of the people of the country.

If your English is poor, you will find yourself languishing at the bottom of the management ladder, even though you may have a brilliant brain and can come up with brilliant business ideas.

Your productivity will drop over a period of time since you will find difficulty in expressing your ideas.

People who can speak good English will probably seize your ideas and get the credit for all the hard work you did to get the idea of working.

English is still taught from 5th or 6th standard onwards as the second or third language and the students are neither made aware of the importance of English nor trained properly to have command over the language.

It is a bitter fact that teaching of English in India is still to a great extent, examination-oriented only.

Therefore, the vernacular medium students suffer from a syndrome that does not allow them to perform well in higher education courses. They draw a boundary around themselves that does not permit them to exercise their talent in the process of learning the English language and other subjects.

In Odisha, there are a number of coaching classes present who provide courses on English but out of them, English Mania stands out different.

English mania is a leading Spoken English Institute in Bhubaneswar; Odisha established by Mr. Tushar Dash (an MBA with 10 years experience in the training industry) a small town boy 6 years back. His sole purpose is to spread English throughout the Odisha. English Mania Institute has trained more than 30,000 students improving their communication skills and confidence levels.

Courses offered in English Mania
English Mania An Emerging English Coaching Class in Odisha

Students from more than 120 colleges in Odisha are attracted by the easy and simple teaching methods of this Institute. These students have got their dream jobs in Campus drives both in the core and IT sectors, cracked government and banking jobs, got admitted into the top management colleges in India.

English Mania used to conduct open classes in rural areas so that school students from that place will be benefitted. It also has a youtube chanal where they post video lectures and also conduct live interactive classes so that students from Odisha as well as from outside Odisha can understand the content easily and can ask doubts at the same time.

English Mania offers 8 different courses, those are given below

  • Spoken English
  • Group Discussion
  • Personal Interview
  • Corporate Orientation Training
  • Personality Development
  • Pre-Placement Training
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Mobile Alert

The course fee of the different courses varies from Rs.3000/- to Rs.20, 000/- depending upon the courses you want to join and time duration is also counted.

Bright and Brilliant students who are unable to pay their tuition fee are freely coached by the English Mania.

The faculties over here are highly qualified and have more than 5 years of experience in different fields such as corporate training, soft skill training, and personality development.

Spoken English:

Spoken English Classes is the basic requirement of all categories of people. As most of the people are from vernacular medium or Odia medium, students love to take training to develop English Speaking skills.

The Spoken English class of English Mania is quite different as compared to other classes. Both Adult & Kids training has been provided by English Mania. The classes are more practical. Measure focus given to developing speaking skill of an individual. The session starts with an explanation of Basic English grammar. Because it helps to develop fundamental of English in an individual who wants to learn.English Mania

The telephonic conversation after each session has impacted a lot in developing fluency in English. Effective Communication skill has developed a lot through various activity-based sessions.

Hence spoken English sessions are provided by English Mania is quite effective. Therefore taking a decision to join the English Speaking Course in English Mania is very good.

Group Discussion:

Group discussion is a form where a group of people sits together to discuss a past a particular topic. As in campus, students face most difficulties as they want to build up their confidence and also they want to participate actively in group discussions.

Englis Mania has been providing a practical and professional manner of GD for the improvement on their communication skills and a few others areas as per the evaluation. They also go for building their listening skills, team building, Leadership skills etc in order to make then confident and effective GD players.

Spoken English Course in BhubaneswarPersonal Interview:

The personal interview is the last and important part to get a job, so no one wishes to miss the chance. The most attractive feature of English Mania is to make the candidates aware about various approaches for the same question asked in an interview process. Therefore how to answer personal interview questions in a tactical way, one can easily learn from our institute.

Corporate Orientation Training:

The three hours professional training provided by English Mania supports in upgrading the student’s skill sets and enhances their career outlets. The training is suitable for all industries and ideal for entry-level and middle-level managers.

It focuses on specific topics:

  • Business Etiquettes
  • Attitude Skills
  • Official Stress Management
  • Motivation Skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Managing meetings

Personality Development:

Personality plays a vital role to achieve the goal whatever someone has. Those who want to make minter as a career needs a strong Personality.

English Mania has been providing as integrative and a practical creative to the students to get rid of their shyness. Therefore they conduct so many outdoor sessions to enhance communicative skill and to improve some one’s personality.

Pre-Placement Training:

The purpose of Pre Placement Training is to sharpen the skills of individuals for success in placement tests. The Shift offers a packaged programme delivered by Industry Experts. Extensive brainstorming, highly personalized environment and feedbacks and great lectures set the stage right for individuals to go ahead and succeed.

Business Writing Skills:

Having a good writing skill can enhance your image and increase your confidence at the workplace.

Starting from sending a mail to a peer, proposal writing to a client and preparing a presentation to teams, 95% of the communication in any work happens through email exchange and English Mania tries to provide everything at one place.

Mobile Alert:

This service of the English Mania is the unique one as it’s a wakeup call. Here, by this service, they will send you the use of one word, a phrasal verb or an Idiom, daily morning so that you make identical sentences and do the practice at home in order to remember the words permanently forever and to edge your talents.

There are many advantages of learning English and no one can avoid it because it is necessary for everyone. People can use it internationally. The other regional language of the country is absolutely the good, but the English language in our life has most needs and importance.

For more information about English Mania go to http://theenglishmania.in/

YouTube link for English Mania.

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