Ensure Success for IAS: Follow the Five Easy Ways that will Guide You


With the IAS (Indian Administrative Service) prelims announced on 25th of August, the applicants have geared up for a fierce competitions and an exam which is reputed to be one of the toughest in the country. It is time to keep calm and continue for the day for which they have labored hard. The preparation period for IAS is comparatively long and tedious, so one should labor daily to stay focus once they have decided to walk this path. 

Choosing of subjects is the first important steps. One should take time and choose wisely. Subjects like Mathematics gives an added advantage as they have definite answers, thus causing no confusion. The additional subjects must be also selected wisely and preferably those that the applicants have studied before. If a candidate is able to do it according to their advantage, half the way is walked.

ias preparationSelective reading is important when it comes to preparing for the IAS. Applicants are not advised to devote more than 2 hours for newspaper reading. Applicants must be able to decide what is to be read in the newspapers, so that a waste of time is prevented.  A regular visit to ministry sites is very crucial, though these do not tend to make sense in the beginning. But slowly students are able to grasp it. Online sites should be effectively used for gaining more knowledge about current affairs.

Setting time aside for studying for the optional subjects is very important. A student must focus on all aspects of the exam to ensure success. Hard work is very important and long study hours can only help if the applicant utilizes the time effectively by arranging a routine for themselves. The routine provided for IAS should be followed minutely.

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For the interview one must remember to carry oneself with confidence and having a command over the language in which the interview is conducted. The interviewers are impressed if applicants have a proper control over the language in which they are speaking. A confident self with a focused mind is sure to impress the panel.

The final step is to not over stress and isolate oneself completely during the preparation time. Students sometimes fail to understand the importance of mental support provided by the family members. The current applicants should not follow blindly the advice of the toppers and must do  that which suits their particular target areas. It might take more than one attempt but we should remember success comes to those who try and not quit.
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