Have you evaluated your career by SWOT analysis?


It’s a normal phenomena , we have some fear when we choose the education for our Future. Either we consult or we straight forward as per our choice. Always the fear of quality and job after qualification is a hurdle in our decision.

Before the taking admission in any education, SWOT analysis is mandatory, if you are choosing the education by the way of counselling. It will define the core strength of the subject as well as map the prospect job for the future.

It includes over all evaluation of the strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats of the subject. It also defines your strength level of taking the course.


Choosing the course by your passion, need not to be analysis by the way of SWOT, because any way you have to prove yourself on the way you want to drive your passion.

SWOT analysis of your subject; basically show you the path you are choosing is right or wrong according to your current situation.

How you evaluate your career by SWOT analysis?

Every subject has its own value, according to the industry, work culture, popularity, pay off and career path concerned.  The growing industry always creates the education according to the work required in the industry, but it is not necessary that same industry will grow every day.  

If you are choosing the subject which linked to current industry and future of industry is uncertain, that will be create panic situation any time if the same industry face some problem. The industry will not generate the work for capturing the man force.

The present strength of the subject may not be last for the long time.  The analysis of the subject with respect to the future map is important, when you choose any career path.

As well as strength of the subject, weakness also matter in the career selection.  It includes weakness of yours towards subject and availability of the work assignment for the course.  The subject may be popular according to the current industry and current location but have to understand the feasibility of the work after the completion of the course.

The popularity of the subject always depends upon the opportunity available towards work assignments. Opportunity always drive the best one in the current situation, it may be give you the high pay cheque.  The consideration of opportunity is always analysing by strength and weakness of the subject. The opportunity is the option to buy immediate result but should be consider after the analysis.

It’s not like that, every subject you choose will give you a high pay cheque job. The revolution of the industry wills also the threats of the old industry. The changing technology will drag you, if you are not choosing the modified subject according to the time. In the technology sector you must have to consider the present subject with respect to the changes you have to adapt in the future.

It’s very simple that your careers will address by the job market. Adoption of the career according to the job market is most important now.

The major purpose of the SWOT analysis in the career path you choose, for a better pay cheque at every situation you going through.

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