Exodia 2015 , A National Level Techno-Cultural Fest IIT Mandi


Exodia 2015 is a National Level Techno-Cultural Fest organized by the well renowned IIT Mandi. IIT Mandi which is considered as one of the pearls in the splendid tiaras of The Great Himalayas takes a stride and brings you its Techno-Cultural festival Exodia. This time it has got vivid events and many more marvels to come.

Students can participate either in cultural or Technical event in which they think they are mastered and could give a fight to the other challengers. The events are categorized as –

exodia 15Cultural-

  • Synchronians
  • Groove Fanatics
  • Band Slam
  • Exodia Tool
  • Instrumania
  • Theatrum
  • Fashion Fiesta
  • Big Stink : Street play
  • Imagination , Retouch : Photography


  • Junkyard Wars
  • Dementia
  • Decode to Encode
  • Wind-up Troy
  • Circuit Hunt
  • Discover Image Science
  • Sky Watch
  • Aptitude : Mobile App Development
  • Electro War : Technological solutions


  • Word Games
  • Biggest Liar
  • Survivor
  • Devil’s Advocate : Debating


  • Dalal Street “ Virtual Stock Market
  • Mensa : Memory, Perception game
  • Detective Eye
  • Supari
  • Minute To Win It
  • Treasure Hunt

Online Events-

  • Conspiracy Theory
  • Prank-O-Mania
  • Truth or Fail
  • I-mag Online Round
  • Retouch Online Round
  • Head-Scratcher
  • Pic-Reel

There are many more interesting workshops which include Cansat, Aerobotix, Ethical Hacking, Android App Development, Cloud-Computing. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to really learn something and showcase their talents in their respective fields.

For more information visit- http://exodia.in/

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