We are far behind in Global Education Quality


In the Quality of Education, India is far behind the global quality. Non of the Indian University featured in top 200 list of the global ranking of the institute.

Education plays significant role in economical development and social building for the country. The organised quality education describe the economical health and provide wide spread of development.

As per the president , presence of Quality teacher , governance and faster decision making will ad value in the quality of Education. Alumni also plays great role to build and pull up quality in education at the Institution level.

Quality of education can be hope with the quality Teachers and good infrastructure for the educational research . Both will be the most Important factor for developing a quality education model.

As we consider two third of the Indian Population is bellow 35 years and among them only 20% are enrolled for the higher education.

There are 659 universities provides education as per the University Grant Commission.

Preschool Education is the Fastest growing segment in the Education sector Now. Development of the preschool education system enforce the demand of the graduation level and other vocational education system.

The regulator must have check the quality of the education before giving permission for the intake into school and colleges. Poor Infrastructure and absence of teacher disqualified the approval of the course for the education institute.

Profitability is Important factor in the quality of education . Govt sponsored Education Institute are not meant for the profit , all the initiative for the education is only to develop economy and social system for the country.

Private players are developing the education system in the cost, reason reflecting in to the price of the education now. All the private Education cost is increasing day to day.

The quality of education is the main topic at the time of formal education. We have to develop the possible indicators to develop the quality of education.

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