Fees Hike for Medical Courses, Is it inspiration to the students for Medical Degree?


A per TOI Report The Admission and Fees Regulatory Committee (AFRC) has approved the hike in tuition fees for MBBS Degree in Private Medical Colleges of the State. Fees hike for medical courses is effective from 2016 Academic year and will be active for 3 years.

Hiked fees are applicable from Next academic year which starts from October. This year for Admission in MBBS, a student has to pay Rs 5 to 5.7 lakhs tuition fees which were 3.7 lakh to 4 lakhs last year.

This fee hike will be effective for next 3 year , next revision will be in 2019 session.

As we know, we have less number of Doctors respective to the population of our country, when we are going on the scarcity of Doctors for patients, fees hike for Medical courses is illogical.

We need more Doctors than other professionals because there are so many Hospitals still running less number of Doctors.

As per The Hindu Report in rural India, 18.8 percent of allopathic doctors had a medical qualification, Rather than adding flexibility to medical education, an increase of fees hike is a burden for the students.

percentage of Doctors in India_campustwist
Image Source : http://www.thehindu.com/data/who-report-sounds-alarm-on-doctors-in-india/article8862753.ece

As per another report, National Health Profile highlights poor doctor-patient ratio by The Hindu, India spends less on health than some of the world’s poorest countries. Govt hospital serves people with one Bed for every 1833 people.

population verses doctor_campustwist
Data Source: http://www.thehindu.com/data/national-health-profile-highlights-poor-doctorpatient-ratio/article7678343.ece

Above Data gives you the complete picture of the medical system in India.

There is a question to all, How one middle-class family afford a medical degree if it would be near to 20 lakhs to complete the course?

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