Five Simple Steps to Follow while Preparing for Entrance Exams


As entrance exams are approaching for admission into various prestigious institutions students often go into a panic mode. The key is to utilize the limited time available between the end of class XII boards and the starting of the admission tests to the fullest. A routine procedure of preparation for each day added with self-motivation can just do the trick.

While many students choosing technical streams would have already taken steps before hand, those going for humanities also need to buck up as the path is as competitive and tedious for them too. What all entrance exam preparation requires is a keen effort on the student’s part keeping in mind not to waste time. Distractions can be fatal if not curbed to proceed for the better.

five simple stepsFive simple steps can be followed to avoid such circumstances. The first is to give attention to the basics. That can be grammar for literature students, basic theories for Economics or Political Science students. Entrance examinations often have papers in two parts. The first part always concentrates on basic themes and analyze a student’s strength of the basics.

The second is to pay attention to time management. It is a must to complete a paper on time, taking at least five minutes to revise before submitting the final sheet. A revision helps in many ways to save in most cases few crucial marks which can be a deciding factor in competitive examinations. For this, a student must learn to write to the point answers within a stipulated time.

The third is to solve sample question papers regularly. Solving of ten-year question paper is ideal but if that is not in the radar one must try for the previous three years. It gives a fair idea to the students as to what requirements the institutions have for the appearing students. Also, the student can gauge the type of questions to be asked and the amount of preparations needed.

The fourth is to boost one’s own self-confidence. If one has self-confidence, one can achieve anything. Don’t let stories of how things have gone bad for others influence you. Every time when we work hard it is a chance for a fresh start even for those who have faltered once.

The fifth and final point is to be diligent and keep oneself mentally as well as physically fit. Ample sleep and rest are required with routine preparation. If one slack in this crucial area the end results are always affected. Mind requires proper rest to function, especially before the exam night. Following these five simple steps it is not impossible for anyone to create their own opportunities.

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