Young Innovators Inspire All: Five Teenagers from Bengaluru Won the Technovation Challenge in San Francisco



The new win for India brought by five teenage girls; Sanjana Vasanth, N.Anupama, Mahima Mehendale, Swasthi P. Rao and B. Navyashree  proves that this nation certainly has a bright future and young innovators. They invented an app called Sellixo which enables an online marketplace to buy and sell dry waste. On one hand, it solves the problem of waste disposal and keeps the locality clean while on the other hand it hints at a generation whose imaginative functioning has no bounds.

The team of five won Technovation which was collectively organized by Adobe Foundation, CA Technologies, Google, Verizon, United Nations Women, UNESCO and MIT Media Lab. Beating more than 400 competing teams from 64 nations, the young girls from India raised our banner high and proved again that ideas are nobody’s monopoly. Their team Pentechan proposed the idea of waste disposal and provided an easy solution so that all sides could benefit from their app.

This win serves as an event from which all can learn something, be it about caring for one’s own environment, the necessity of proper dry waste disposal or above all the power of young innovative minds and the heights which it can reach if directed at a purpose. It also gives another example to our society where female education is neglected, to see and learn from such young minds who have brought international fame for the nation with the power of education.

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