Five Unique Educational Website to Make Learning Easier


Digitization of education has helped students immensely, especially in the recent years. One can easily seek help from these websites and not doubt about the reliability of its content. Now learning is not limited by classroom boundaries and advance learning is right in front. One has to simply know about such sites to start accessing information.

The different educational websites have different target areas. They tend to sometimes specialize on a particular subject or tend to be used for particular purposes like competitive exam preparations, gaining news about results and college admissions etc.

Business man with a laptopGiven below is a list of five educational websites catering to certain broad requirements of a student:
This website is of particular help for school students studying under CBSE or ICSE boards. Right from giving a list of ten years solved question papers to online study material for the exams or NCERT solution, the website provides a collection of useful data for students at school level primarily.
This website has an easy categorization, keeping in mind specific needs. Subjects and colleges which offer it as well as giving a list of top colleges for the specified stream is given along with other information. It is a must visit website for students seeking admissions in various prestigious institutes.
This website caters to those interested in the research field. Research papers are continuously updated in this site and one can simply access the website by creating an account. It also helps the individual to publish their own research paper on his or her interested subject with proper citations.
This website can be termed as a complete service provider for education related information. From results to admission news to various queries of students or news regarding scholarships and important dates of results are all provided here systematically.
It is the biggest online website for MBA students. Information regarding various resources catering to applicants from all over the world is provided here. The website is extremely user-friendly as well as makes an attempt to make learning enjoyable.

If students can keep track of such informative and useful websites then we can create a free flow of knowledge without boundaries and limitations. The primary objective of all such websites is to open a new avenue and a new outlook towards the online learning process.


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Rituparna Das
Student Reporter at Linkfried, Rituparna is a student of Yadavpur University, Calcutta. She writes about Education News, Information , announcement From calcutta.