Flash Statistics 2014-15 show Increase in Enrollment in Schools in Backward States

Flash Statistics 2014-15

Recently published Flash Statistics, that do a survey of children under particular age group enrolling into educational institution, have published their statistical report that shows a marked increase in this procedure especially in primary schools. Based on 1.52 million schools that are spread over 680 districts, the survey has registered a Gross Enrollment Ratio (GRE) of more than 100% (100.08%) at primary level , almost over 90% at upper primary level , 76.64% at secondary level and 54.21% at higher secondary level.

Flash Statistics 2014-15The Net Enrollment Ratio (NRE), which is the number of children of official primary school age who are enrolled as expressed in percentage of the total population of children, have shown a significant rise in the educationally backwards states like Bihar, West Bengal and Jharkhand. In Bihar the NRE has crossed 93.77% at the primary level 87.63% at the upper primary level, 42.08% at the secondary level and 19.06% at higher secondary level. Though the percentage regarding higher education is still far from satisfactory from the statistics definitely confirm a better position from last year.

National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA) have pointed that the gap between the GRE and NRE is still high but gradual scope for development in the educational sector is being slowly registered. With results such as it has been registered this year, a chance is being seen of a better future. But the state of higher education requires massive boost in this country otherwise benefits of such enrollments are futile.

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