Follow these 10 Tips to Crack any of the Competitive Exam

10 Tips to Crack Competitive Exam

Preparing for Competitive Exam, You need to follow these 10 Tips to Crack Competitive Exam. 

Dr. Romain Saini was one of youngest IAS officer of India. He was also cleared MBBS at the age of 16.

He is the co-founder of Unacademy. Unacademy is an online education platform which provides a free learning opportunity to the students of all streams and particularly to the aspirants who are preparing for the competitive exams. [Source: Wiki]

You can follow these 10 Tips to Crack Competitive Exam.

10 Tips to Crack Competitive Exam

I personally follow Dr. Roman Saini to get inspiration in my work. I am sure if you follow these techniques made by him your chance will increase to get the rank.

Step 1: Find the right Reason of Study

Do you know the reason of the study? Why are you opting for this? You need to know the reason of study, which is your Aim. As

As an Example, You have started this study to join Bank by clearing Banking Examination.

The right reason will drive your focus for a better result. You can give complete focus on same Exam Syllabus.

It’s advisable to write the reason on your Desk to motivate yourself.

Step 2: 6 Hours Study Daily

In a Day find 6 Hour to study without any Disturbance. Rather than studying 18 hours a Day in a disturbance Environment, 6 Hour is sufficient to study in a Concentrentraded mood. Try to not Expose outside disturbance factor in your 6 hours of Study Time.

Be Concentrate on your study at least 6 Hours daily.

Step 3: Use Pomodoro Techniques

How are you managing your Time? You have only 24 Hour and you have to manage it in right way to get maximum output.

Use Pomodoro Technique to manage your Time on Study. As per the Technique, you can break down your Study time into intervals.

In every hour of Study, take a short break of 10 Mints to relax. In this break, you can take a deep breath and keep your mind cool and calm. Try to avoid distracting element like TV, Mobile phone and talking to anybody at this time.

Step 4: Watch Inspirational Stuff when Difficult to Study

You may face some difficult time at the study. It may be some techniques you are not able to solve after doing many times. Don’t worry

Don’t worry. This is part and partial of life. At this moment, Deport some time to the inspirational stuff which giving you the motivation to step forward.

You can use some motivational movie clip, inspirational speech, Music and by reading some Motivational quotes to regain energy for Study.

10 Tips to Crack Competitive ExamStep 5: Discipline and Routine

Discipline is the most important factor to crack any of the competitive Examination. You have to follow a disciplined routine for your study cycle.

If you stick to your predefined disciplined routine in your study, will get more outcome from your timings.

Be Disciplined in your thought to crack the Exam.

Step 6: Follow the Aim with Process

You study should be inclined to crack the competitive Exam, not to study for research. Try to follow the syllabus and study accordingly. Give maximum focus to the topic which will award you more marks in the Exam.

You can know more by studying out of syllabus stuff but that will only kill your time and you remember, your time is limited.

As much as possible Solve previous year question papers of the same Exam to know the pattern of the exam.

Attain a maximum number of Mock test to practice the exam.

Step 7: Give Up complaining Attitude

Don’t complain. Give up complaining attitude at the time of preparation. It’s not the time to compare and complain to others. The situation is yours and you can solve it.

You are complaining means you are criticizing yourself. By complaining you can not change the situation. Stay Focused.

Step 8: Come out from Comfort Zone

It’s difficult to achieve anything by acting from the comfort zone. Try to come out from the comfort zone and push yourself a little bit more to achieve your desired aim.

Fear of losing will push you forward. Other students are working hard to take your rank, so be prepared more or else someone will be the winner.

Step 9: Patience

You need more patience to crack the competitive Exam because you need to concentrate on study. If you don’t have patience you may loose confidence in mid of the study.

You may not get rank in 1st, 2nd or 3rd but you can get good rank in 5th. So, don’t loose patience.Stay focused, you will get the rank definitely if you work hard.

Step 10: Stay Away from too much Dreaming

Do you dream?

Dreaming is good but dreams with hard work. Stay away of dreaming to achieve the rank without hard work. As much as possible stay away from gossiping and listening rumours from other. Just have to follow the right techniques to achieve a good rank in the exam.

In a final word, these 10 points are not only to achieve your rank in any of the competitive Exam, it also helps to stay focused in your Aim in life in any particular dream.

Dream it and work hard to achieve it.

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