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If you are an Indian college goer and you are in the need of some extra money or a proper internship which might give your career the perfect head start then you’ve probably visited Twenty19’s website at least once. The website is a 360 degree information tool for college students across the nation. They provide vivid online courses in lieu of a some charges which are actually pretty good and pretty understandable by the average being. I have personally taken their “Excel for Beginners” free course just to check how it is and I am pretty pleased with the course that I took which seemed to be pretty simple and yet very informative at the same time.

ScholarshipsThey have very recently come up with a scholarship scheme with the help of one of India’s leading food ordering platform,, where they held a contest, in which the top hundred students would get a chance to get free courses of their choice depending on how they preformed on the aforementioned college. Foodpanda received applications from more than a thousand colleges spanning over almost two hundred cities. “We believe it’s important for each and every one to contribute towards a brighter future for our country and its children, and this is just another small step in that direction after our Food for Soul initiative that we started last year,” is what Rohit Chadda, co-founder and managing director at foodpanda, had to say about this. “Keeping in mind Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ campaign, we kept 40 percent reservation for women students for the scholarship,” is what he added later to his statement.

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