Free Graduation for Girl Student in Chhattisgarh


free education

Female education is a complex issue in India and always debated by most of the people. There is a wide gender disparity in the literacy rate in India. Low female  literacy rate has the negative impact to the socio economic development as well as economy of the Nation. The power of female literacy will stabilize the population.

As per Chhattisgarh Govt decission, the graduation of the Girls will be free from this year . The Govt will take care the fees of graduation of the Girl in the state. Around one lakh girl student would be benefit from the decision.

The decision of the free education which is implemented from this academic year was in the election manifesto of the BJP.

Now 208 govt colleges will provide free Graduation and the cost of the education would be bear by the state Govt. As of now 80000 students are already enrolled to the scheme.

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