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Now a day’s entrance is compulsory for admission of the any of the course as well as to join Govt Jobs. If you want to join Engineering, Medical and Management courses first of all you have to clear the specified Entrance Exam, and then you will get the entry to the Institute/University. Entrance Exam will filter the talent pool towards the Education System.  Same as For the Govt Jobs Entrance made compulsory for the selection. From Banking to IAS , all the posts are filled only by the selection process through Entrance Exam.

With increasing competition among the students, most of the Entrance Exam is online, and very transparent.

Now Entrance Exam is the way to choose the right candidate and pool the right talent to the course and system. Student must have to clear the specified Entrance Exam to join the Course or Job.

The era of technology is helping the Institute or organisation for conducting the entrance Exam by Online Way. Same way technology giving opportunities to the candidate for sharpen the knowledge for the Entrance Examination.

There are lot of ways to prepare the Entrance Exam.

  • Book Study
  • Group Study
  • Online Resource
  •  Test ( Online / Offline)

 Book study is the old method but still lots of candidate study competitive books for their knowledge enhancement. It provides the particular knowledge for the particular subject. Book study reserves the fact and figures to a limited extents.

Group study is the best way to understand the subject by the discussion.

There are lots of resources available in online for the entrance preparation. Candidates can sharp their knowledge by search and study from online. Most of the online resources are free or low cost compare to the books.

To check the preparation, candidates must have to practice through mock test to understand the time consumes and knowledge that he/she acquired from the study. Previously it was done by the offline mock test, but now candidate can use online mock test to check the same.

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Online Mock test are very use full than the offline test series. By use of technology online Mock Test will graph your skills with time line that will help to understand the knowledge level of the candidate. There is lots of website providing online Free Mock test for the candidate for various entrances Examination.

 Benefit of Online Mock Test:-

Online mock test add more benefit than offline. The advance technology will help to understand the level of candidates’ knowledge by graphical presentation and will guide you the deficiency of the skills to improve. This will provide the time graph that candidate will take to finish the Exam.  

  • Real Time Preparation
  • Guide to strength and Weakness of the subject
  • Practice with time
  • Real time Ranking among the Candidate

Online Mock test will guide the candidate about their strength and weakness of the subject.

Below are some web links which provides online Free Mock test for the candidate.

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