Gender Week in Jadavpur University


High resolution, illustration of white male & female gender symbols sihouetted isolated against a black background.

The Gender Week was arranged by the Arts Faculty Student Union with the agenda of discussing the performative roles of gender and the rigid binary between the two. With recent gender-related violence and issues over the country, JU takes a step towards discussing these problematic issues and address recent gender-related problems so that a better campus environment could be created.

The primary focus of this event is to emphasize that gender is not normative but performative, which is to say that one’s gender depends on the way one acts according to certain set rules of the patriarchal society which doesn’t allow much freedom to express oneself. The event Gender Week also made an attempt to link up gender with issues of class and caste-based discrimination. It is a weeklong event and everyday new issues is being taken up by the students and addressed.

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 On 27th August the gender-related issues would be carried forward and discussed with the help of debates, student performances and screening of movies to spread more awareness in the campus so that individuals are motivated to be better human beings which, in the long run, would help the society. The Gender Week sought to create a space where discussions on, awareness and tolerance of gender can grow. It is a very important move took up by the students of Jadavpur University which would eventually help the society as a whole.

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Rituparna Das
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