Good teacher can make the Education better, How Bill Gates Explains it ?


Good teachers are the founding blocks of motivation and aspiration, marking a student’s journey towards education. However in these times one cannot beg to differ about the rapid commercialization of education making it difficult for students to access it. Aggravating this, is the fact of the lack of availability of good teachers who have an active hand in influencing a student’s career or his/her interest for a subject.

bill gates and educationAccording to a lecture by Bill Gates, in the US there is a higher possibility for a person belonging to the low income group of landing up in jail rather than the possibility of achieving a four years degree. Along with this comes an acknowledgement from his part that a top cortile teacher can improve the performance of the student by 10%. From the two seemingly disjoint statements we can however determine that the educational system should not only attempt towards availability and approachability for spreading education but make a genuine step towards harbouring teachers who can accelerate the student’s interest by his/her method of teaching.

Teachers do have a major role in affecting a student’s performance in the curriculum and also in the broader aspect of life. Good teaching thus forms the foundation of the career building process for which a mentor with the urge and determination to mould his teaching methods according to needs is absolutely necessary. Which also means that a teacher’s age is not directly proportional to or vouch for the individuals better teaching technique.

Good teaching is certainly a capability both harboured and improved on with interaction, along with setting a tone to garner a student’s attention from deviating in class through constant engagements. This system needs teachers with dedication and determination to inspire building a constructive process where the free flow of educational interaction could take place from both side – students and teachers.

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