Why Google is best for its Innovative Practice ? How they thanks specially ? learn about it


Our life is become easier by online shopping, product direct delivered to us. It’s easy way . But think about the people behind it. How it shipped to our address within the time bound.  Either you spend time and labour for the product or somebody is spending on behalf of you.

When ever you placed the order , the most and toughest task for the delivery boy to deliver the product safe, secure and within time bound to you without  seeking  a “Thanks” .

During Google Online shopping Festival 2014, Google decided to say thanks to nameless , unsung Heroes of the E commerce Industry, who played the main role for the company. E Commerce only exist with a best delivery management system and the delivery boy fulfill the same.

A special thanks to Google team for such initiative. There for Google is No 1 In the Industry and we have to learn from this.

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