Government Schools Kids to Avail the Benefits of Mobile Lab



Students in government schools will get an opportunity to have a hands-on experience in learning Science the right way. The Mobile Science Labs launched by the Infosys Science Foundation (ISF) jointly with Agastya International Foundation (AIF), Bengaluru-based NGO, on Tuesday, aims to ensure access to children between class 5 and 10 in remote areas to Science education. This initiative is a follow-up to the last year’s teachers’ training programme by Infosys in which over 550 teachers from government schools in Karnataka have participated.

These new mobile labs will carry low-cost Science models to schools. Srinath Batni, trustee from Infosys Science Foundation said, “Such initiatives will help us eliminate the vacuum in our education system that is caused by insufficient infrastructure and inadequate access to experiential learning. Students should be provided with functional labs. ISF labs are a step forward in this direction”. The Agastya International Foundation has mobile labs travelling across the country.

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The aim for the establishment of such labs is to provide teachers with tools and methodologies to explain concepts innovatively, encourage curiosity and promote experiential learning. K Thiagarajan of the foundation stated,” These labs are specially designed for teachers as a follow-up for the training that they received at the Infosys programme. We plan to introduce at least four such labs in Karnataka. The first lab will head to Tumakuru with two experts”. ISF has instituted Gnanadeepa, a programme to transform the education system at the grassroots level by empowering teachers and pre-service teachers with creative teaching frameworks.

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