Hard to believe, 1117 Schools have one teacher Each


It’s hard to believe that , 1117 schools in Himachal pradesh have only one teacher each. When i come across the news of Times Of India  i surprised, How they deliver the education in school level. School education is the most Important Factor in every body’s life. It accelerate the thought process top growing big in a proper manner. 

himachal pradesh class roomEven if , without appointing sufficient teacher to the existing Schools , in 2 years 100 primary schools across state. It is nothing but a political gimmick to track the eye ball of the voters. 

Its surprised , Chief Minister of Himachal pradesh ready to open schools in far-flung areas , even if there are only 2 students to come to school. The statement is completely biased and pointing to the politics. Unnecessary spending on concrete building  is not the solution  to improve education. Availability of Teachers is most important to enhance the education process. 

But the data shows that , on the literacy level , the state is among the highest in India with 82.8 % literacy rate. How without teachers in school , they got highest literacy rate, either data is incorrect or children are borne in Himachal pradesh are brilliant, they become literate without teacher.

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