How Byju’s Learning Apps has Revolutionized the way of Learning?


Byju’s is an Edu-tech company which was started by charismatic teacher and successful entrepreneur Byju Raveendran on a mission to make learning fun and engaging, not just on a theoretical basis but also through a contextual and visual medium.

Byju’s has reinvented the concept of learning for students by using technology and data science to personalize the way student’s prefers to learn. By making use of content, media and technology Byju’s learning methodologies has made students fall in love with learning.

byju's-classesByju’s revolutionary Learning application helps students better prepare for their examinations through the usage of original content, interactive videos, engaging animations and interactive simulations instead of standard memorization.

Why Byju’s?

Byju’s uses a learning methodology developed by a group of young teachers chosen by Raveendran Byju himself. Along with a World class production team, Byju’s make the learning process a lot more simpler by combining technology and creative concepts thereby helping the students not just prepare for exams but for life as well.

  • Byju’s classes have a global reach and spans multiple devices and reduces cost.
  • It is easily accessible through the internet.
  • download-byjus-mobile-appsThe most important feature of Byju’s classes is that it is Scalable and has great capacity and consistency and most importantly flexibility.
  • Byju’s provides students the freedom to learn at their own convenience thereby eradicating anxiety and stress.

Which Methods are used by Byju’s Classes to enhance learning Experience ?

  1. Adaptive Learning

Byju’s uses the concept of adaptive learning which helps students in better understanding topics that they struggle with and also helping them enhance their performance. The application allows you to measure your understanding of topics by providing a complete analysis of the tests you have taken. For example: If a student is struggling with a Math problem, this method will allow students to answer questions adapted to their unique learning pattern and help them do even better. Students can rewatch lecture modules based on performance to clear concepts and improve learning.

2. 1 on 1 Learning

This programme is designed to help students reinforce concepts and solve problems related to a subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology as and when they require it through the help of a personal tutor. The tutor will always be available for the students to explain struggling concepts, analyse test results and clear persistent doubts especially being aware of the students subject knowledge. Students no longer have to get their doubts cleared by random teachers anymore.

3. Engaging Video Lessons – These video lessons provides a simple visualization of complex concepts, be it Pythagoras Theorem, Integration or Calculus. Students will be able to watch the course’s content on demand, rewinding and fast-forwarding at will and engaging interactively with the content.

Byju Raveendran has proved that this method of learning is effective as over 50 lakh students have already downloaded the Byju’s application. With more than 20,000 paid users joining every month, Byju’s is becoming one of the fastest growing edu-tech company in India.

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