How do Students Benefit from Extracurricular Activities?


Most of the parents and sometimes students themselves consider extracurricular activities as a waste of time. During board exams, most of the students are either encouraged to leave all their extracurricular involvement or they abstain from it themselves to focus solely on academics. Nothing can be more harmful than this attitude. The quicker we break this notion, the more our students would gain to benefit. Extracurricular activities tend to complement academic pursuits and are crucial for getting into certain top notch colleges in abroad. They also help in getting sports scholarship along with adding more value to a resume.

extracurricular activitiesApart from the above stated direct benefits, extracurricular activities play a crucial role to shape a student’s all round development. Research directed in this area show that students who continue with their activities are more likely to tackle critical situation and manage their workplace better than the others. There are numerous activities that a student can participate in like music, various kinds of sports or athletics, the debate which help them greatly. Students involved in such activities secure good grades too since they have a better sense of time management, are motivated and generally tend to have a higher self- esteem. Students also inculcate within themselves other important qualities that greatly them in future to become efficient individuals.

These students become more marketable in the workplace and develop a strong sense of commitment to a work or purpose. All these qualities develop since in any activity in which they partake as a child or a student, they automatically imbibe a sense of critical thinking, teamwork and their social skills are polished along with better time management. Apart from these, such students tend to have good leadership qualities as they know how to handle their peer group and have a strong sense of belonging that help them to champion any field that they are in. Such benefits show how important they are in shaping a student’s future.

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