How important is a Good Teacher?


good teaching

A student’s enthusiasm for a subject is primarily based on how it is being taught by their teacher in the class. However what we find is the general lack of good teaching skills in various educational institutions resulting in disinterest on the part of students who are not able to gather enough motivation for themselves.

Not all students can take an interest and initiative for a new introduced subject and then do equally well notwithstanding how it is being taught in class. Most of them require the beginning boost from their teachers and look up to them to provide the spur. A good teacher not only gives them the boost but also make it a point to make the students generate interest that would transfer to other areas of work too.

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Teachers are generally appointed based on their academic merit. But this does not mean that he or she will be equally competent in managing a class or teaching the subject for which they have been hired. What could be instead done is appointing based on both merit and a mock examination of their teaching skills in front of a class.

This is done in certain places but definitely more institutions should come and follow this method. Although it demands a lot more of selection time and as well as what one considers as good teaching. The view on the later might vary from person to person but a consensus might be reached based on student’s response and teacher student interaction.

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Rituparna Das
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