From Blackboards to Smart-Screens: How Technology is Changing Education


Technology is rapidly changing the world into a place in which nothing remains impossible. Geographical distances have been reduced, the time has been shortened and mammoth tasks can now be accomplished with just the click of a button. Technology has left a distinct mark on the education field too, especially through e-learning for high school students.

Education is the fundamental right of every child according to the United Nation’s Convention on child rights. It’s unfortunate that millions of children are robbed off this right across the globe due to inadequate resources. Even in the United States, where efforts for education are considered exemplary, we still see difficulties and problems for students there as many of them have no or limited access to the required resources.

Digtali _indiaWhat E-learning has done is given all children a way to learn regardless of where they stay and whether they afford to sit in a classroom or not. It is breaking all the existing barriers that were obstructing children from education.

E-learning enables students to interact with their instructors in a better way—within a schoolroom or even when at home—and gives them a broad range of references and tools of learning beyond the textbook. It also enhances their creativity. Look at the famous game Minecraft or the use of 3D software from a few companies pushing the envelope or even the Microsoft hololense. These tools are becoming more and more available to the everyday student because of the internet with their prices getting lower. They let the students tap into a new realm of exploration and dive into the depths of learning through which they can identify and boost their talents with no dependency on the four walls around them and at lower costs than ever before. E-learning enables the students as well as their instructors to connect to the educational resources from all over the world. Something which was impossible before. It even lessens the carbon footprint and benefits environment as the paper use is reduced considerably.

Considering the pace at which the world is moving forwards in technology, students will be better prepared for their future if they are educated through e-learning. It will make them sharper, faster and better equipped to handle technological tools which they will have to use in their future careers.

technology in EducationE-learning has already been adopted as a medium of education in several nations. According to the ICEF Monitor, countries like USA, China, UK, South Korea, Australia and Malaysia are rapidly moving ahead with the adaptation of e-learning as a major medium of education in their regions. A report by Allan and Seaman has revealed that online enrolment in US increased by 20% a year between 2002 and 2006. This is six times more than the growth recorded in on-campus enrolment.

At the start of the e-learning revolution, experts had criticized it on possible quality issues and not to say the less attention paid by the learners when compared to conventional face-to-face learners. However, both the problems seem to be solving themselves out as the quality rating by administrators has increased considerably in the last decade. Even the acceptability rate of e-learners by universities and employers is on a steady rise.

Many students aspire to study in highly reputed universities like Oxford, Stanford etc. The famous Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange, the number of foreign students in USA (which is the most desired destination for higher studies) increased by 8%.  As the competition is strong, applicants who want to enroll in reputed universities have to appear for certain tests. Students who do not have conventional educational resources like libraries need not worry anymore. E-learning has opened gates for them to educate themselves by tapping into the realm of the Internet. For example, online SAT & ACT test preparation (entrance tests for admission in US universities) has also been made possible due to e-learning. No more expenditure on expensive coaching classes if you know what to look for and where to find it. E-learning is here to end the many problems which hindered educational growth. It’s time that students realized this and tapped into its power for their own growth and benefit.

This Article is Provided by Kelly Brooke.

Kelly Brooke graduated in Mass Communication and working at Univariety, an Education Search Portal.  She enjoys writing about anything and find the vagaries of education and admissions frankly fascinating.

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