How the Advertisement can solve a problem for Poor People and give a Good Night Sleep at Night ?


Advertisement is the best medium to reach the customer for selling of product or services of the company. Design advertisemnt is the most important for the company , because it has to be reach the heart of the consumer and explain to consume the product internally. Advertisement is the tool where company do the pre sell of their product. 

But a advertisement can solve a problem of poor perople as well as it it provide the information of the product as a advertisement. It’s an nice Idea!!

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The company company Master Molty Foam , came up with a new idea to advertise it’s product as well as same time provide a bed at night to the poor people those are sleeping night at footpath and stations. 

A simple Billboard of Multifoam advertise during the day and done in to a bed during the night. Now 40000 labourers are sleeping with same bed across 9 cities in pakistan. 

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