How to Choose a Specialization for MBA course?


You have to choose a specialization for MBA in the 2nd Year of the course. It will define your specialty in MBA degree.

In a 2 year of MBA course, 1st year is only optional subjects and is same for all students. From 2nd Year, you have to select any one as a specialization. Some institute offer dual specialization for the students.

What is the Difference Between PGDM and MBA course?

Specialization for MBASpecialization offered in MBA course

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operation
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Information Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Retail management
  • Rural Management

Above are the universal Specialization which is offered by maximum Management Schools in India. Also, there is various new specialization added to the MBA course as time and business change nowadays.

If you are particular in your career choice, specialization will help you to stay inclined to that. You have to clear in your choice and have to go in particular to get the maximum benefit of core competency.

While selecting your area of specialization, it is most important to understand your strength and weakness on the same field.

These are 5 Factors which influence your choice.

  1. Background
  2. Interest
  3. Job market
  4. Availability
  5. Influencing  Person

Most of B.Com Background candidates always prefer Finance Specialization, and they feel knowing finance in graduation will help them to study better for Finance.

But in my case, it is completely different. I am from Science background and have taken Finance as Specialization in my MBA. It’s cool and I am good in Finance now. 

Interest always matter.

Be Specific on your Interest and choose your specialization for MBA according to your interest.

Don’t select your Specialization for MBA based on the availability of the subjects, Job Market and Influence by others.

How Specialization for MBA matter in your Career? 

Yes, Specialization matter a lot in your career path.

There is some core specialization like HR, IT, Entrepreneurship, Rural Management, Retail Management will help to get the job instantly in the same field.

But, If you are with Finance and Marketing Specialization, Marketing field is open for you. Also, you have maximum option to choose in the job market.

Marketing field is always rewarding if you do more and more business for the company. There is a chance of high salary and promotion on your achievement. Chose Marketing as your specialization, if you are dynamic to sell everything.

This video will help you out to understand the benefit of every specialization and guide you to choose your favorite one.

Choose your Specialization as per your Interest not in fear of job market or with any influence. You will get the job and grow in your career if you are good at same Subject.

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