How to Crack the Competitive Exams with TestBook ?


When I think about Competitive Preparation, I am afraid to know my performance. But how to judge my own performance ? Knowing my performance in preparation will help me to understand strength and weakness of the preparation. To crack the Competitive Exams, performance management is most important and that can be solved by Practice test / Mock Test only.

Crack the Competitive Exams There are different way of Competitive preparation but Mobile Apps is the best tool to prepared from  your doorstep.

And if you get Practice test in your Smart phone through a Apps, It’s Awesome !!

How Practice Tests helps to Crack the Competitive Exam?

Practice makes you Perfect, You need to practice extensively to increase the chance of getting ranks in Competitive Examination. In every practice test, you are able to judge your own performance and self informed about your strength and weakness.

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Benefit of Practice Test For Competitive Exam:-

  • It inform you about your level of preparation in Particular subjects
  • Give you Feedback on mastered topic
  • Increase your confidence level
  • Minimize the time Gap, Speed up your mind on Exam
  • Increase the accuracy

How TestBook help you to Crack the Competitive Exams?

Every practice Test of TestBook help you to hands on the pattern of the questions appeared in the Competitive Examination. It will give you the filler of Test.

Every question and solution of the Practice test created by the team of toppers and experts based on the latest exam patterns. The Mock test of the TestBook gives you the closest exam experience you will face in actual paper in Exam.

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You can attain practice Test Free of cost by Website or Mobile Apps. Up to 40000 questions you will get to practice free of cost.

The premium features will give you add on benefits like, daily Practice, maintain Stickers and Level up mode which you can buy with a reasonable price.

TestBook is bridging the gap of technology for Competitive exams for you. You can easily boost your preparation from any where by Mobile Apps.

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