How to Encourage Excluded Children to get into Schools?


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The effort to bring more children into the schooling system has to be based on certain program and policies that guarantees quality education along with addressing and responding to the diverse needs of learners. These policies and program generally include a change in the curriculum to suite the learners better or enhancing the way of interaction between the school teachers, students and the community to encourage parents to send their children to educational institutions.

The right to education as enshrined in Article 26 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights stresses the importance of educating one and all without any discrimination. In India particularly, government has aided this method with the provision of subsidized food or mid-day meals which seems to work in rural areas. Along with it the minimum fee structure in governmental educational institutions also is a step towards making education affordable and reachable to all.

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The primary factor which leads to inclusion of more children into schools depends on how the teaching staff interacts with the local community within operating areas so that they can consider schools as a safe place where education imparted would ultimately help their children to achieve a better life. Educating their children should not seem as an extra burden. Thus it ultimately means enhancing the quality of education by improving the effectiveness of teachers, promoting learning-centred methodologies, developing appropriate textbooks and learning materials. All these will pave the path in the long run.

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