How to Encourage Older Learners to Complete their Education?


older learners

Our society tends to bear a prejudice towards older learners, who due to some unfortunate circumstances had to take a break from their education. They need to be encouraged to join university courses and take adequate steps to complete their education. If such learners are ready to put in hard work nothing could be a hindrance. It would further show that the young do not have a monopoly on energy, intelligence and aspiration. So the first step towards it is definitely a lot of support and the breaking away from societal prejudices.

These older learners need to be persuaded and shown the benefits of carrying on with their studies. It is seen that learning in the older years keeps our brain active, and discussing ideas and socializing help to tackle the spectre of isolation, loneliness and depression, which can accompany old age. If the older learners are made aware of these they would feel motivated enough to join a course. It also benefits them in their workplace since they would be more active than before.

Older learners could be further encouraged if younger students motivate them and discuss the benefits of completing one’s education. It is seen in many cases that older learners had contributed significantly to a class sue to their greater life experience that had helped promote class discussions. If they are made to feel important, relevant and a part of the group, tendencies to shy away from pursuing their education could be reduced. It should always be remembered that learning has no age.

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