How to get 99+ percentile in CAT 2015 without coaching?


Not being able to go for coaching has no bearing on the performance in CAT exam as long as you are self motivated and have a drive to get through.

how to get 99+ percentile in cat 2015For 99+percentile in CAT, the following might help:

* Till the month of august, try to wrap up your understanding of all major topics of the 4 test areas, namely quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, logical reasoning and verbal ability.

* Starting from now, give an online mock test every fortnight .The idea is to gauge the areas of strength and weakness. Whatever be the result of any mock test that you give in the run up to CAT, consider it as a barometer to further decide your prep strategy, never consider the result as the be all and end all. 

* Autodidactic mode of learning works well and even saves time in the long haul, just make sure that you join an online group to keep up the momentum.

* Work on your weak areas during prep but play around your strength in the exam.

* Once you have built a sound knowledge base viz the formulae, techniques, words et al, start with a refined approach towards the strategy to perform in the exam.

In CAT 2014, DI and LR were pretty tough . VA and QA were on the easier side.
One can take a leaf out of this to decide the prep strategy.

* Read daily …intellectually stimulating stuff.

* Practice is the only key…no one can do it for us …no coaching, no institute but good old practice and perseverance.

* Keep solving …keep motivated.

Hope this helps a little…please follow the good online resources for further help and guidance.

Best of luck!! Score a whopping 99+ and make it to your dream college!!

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