How to Improve Your Typing Speed ? These 5 Free Online Tutors increase your Typing Speed


Learning how to touch type does indeed present a variety of benefits not only to professional typists but all of us in its ability to significantly improve your typing speed and accuracy.So, Let’s Understand How to Improve your Typing Speed with these 5 Free websites.

When you master this invaluable skill you will come to discover that your efficiency and overall productivity will have gone up. This naturally implies that you can be able to take much more work than you previously did. More to the point you will handle this work with an unparalleled level of precision.

In turn, this state of affairs will make you more marketable to your current employee and even prospective ones. Well, here then are some top tips on the various ways you can improve your overall typing speed.

We provide you with 5 free online tutors you could use to master the important art of touch typing.

  1. offers a highly convenient way of letting its users completely master touch typing. Through this website, you will access free step by step lessons on how to you can be able to efficiently increase your typing speed.

These particular lessons have been divided into 4 learner categories; the beginner, intermediate, advanced and business levels. In a nutshell, all these touch typing lessons cover 14 different topics, 7 of which deal with how to increase your overall typing capability and 4 of them dwell on appropriate symbol typing.

How to Improve Your Typing is also a platform that provides fascinating word games, which actually are geared to allow users to greatly enhance typing speed and accuracy. You can take a test on typing speed, which is offered on this website to evaluate your overall progress as you move from one lesson to the next.

This test can be taken without signing up, but to access all the numerous resources made available, you will have to register with this website.


This is an excellent website to learn touch typing from scratch. offers comprehensive lessons, which begin with the right keyboard finger placement. The keyboard provided is color coded, this lets you to accurately determine where each of your fingers should be positioned over its different keys.

How to Improve Your Typing SpeedThis website also offers real-time data on various all the errors users make and their typing speed progress. has a number of extra lessons that dwell on providing the right typing ergonomics such as the ideal posture to integrate while typing. Finally, it provides a free typing test, and users get to obtain a certificate when they successfully pass it.


This is yet another leading free touch typing online tutor you might like to look into.

The various lessons in the offing here range from those under the beginner level to those under the professional level.

How to Improve Your Typing provides a different variety of online tools that can assist users to track their progress in real time. This platform also provides to its users a number of highly interactive word games, which have been specifically designed to increase the typing speed and accuracy in a more fun way.

You can get to compete in several typing contests, where you’ll be able to pit yourself against many other platform users across the globe.

Finally, this website has put in place a very helpful typing speed test, and when you excel in it you will also obtain a certificate from the Typing Institute of America.

  1. offers comprehensive touch typing lessons, which are primarily meant for beginners.

How to Improve Your Typing SpeedThese lessons include not less than one hundred tutorials that cover any imaginable aspect in the art of touch typing. This website also provides invaluable typing analytics. The most notable of which offers real-time data on the typing speed and accuracy of each finger you utilize in your typing.

It also provides a unique lessons timeline that can assist users in effectively appraising their typing speed as they cover the various lessons they choose. Unlike most other alternatives out there, lets you go through various lessons provided without any hassles of signing up.

However, to ensure that you can follow up on your overall progress, you will have to register with the website.


This website offers a number of free and complete touch typing lessons.This includes home row typing, top row typing, bottom row typing, capital letters, punctuation, numbers typing and symbol typing.

How to Improve Your Typing Speed also has an excellent typing practice section, which involves typing notable quotes derived from classic books.

Finally, it provides a couple of free tests to enable users to assess their progress. This includes the basic typing test, intermediate typing test, number typing test as well as the master typing test.

This Information is Contributed by Daria Postoyalkina Who is the development manager at Ratatype 

This project helps children and adults to learn touch typing via an online typing test and lessons. I am in charge of developing the proper typing lessons and exercise for typists who want to improve their typing speed.

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