How to Prepare for Aptitude Test For Banking preparation?


When it comes to Aptitude Test, You feel stressed, Because most of the Aspirants feel backward about Mathematical Subjects.

Let’s Know How to Prepare for Aptitude Test? 

I came across this video prepared by Face Institute for Placement Interview, But I feel you can use this formula for your banking Preparation also.

Yes, you can Prepare for Aptitude Test for Banking Preparation by these simple techniques.

This video explains the content of Aptitude test.

You will find out 3 sections in Aptitude.

Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude is full of Mathematics. You must be good at math to solve it.

Don’t be scared!!

If you master in formulas, that’s enough to answer Quantitative APtitude. By using the formulas you can easily answer the questions within a stipulated time frame.

Chapters to be covered in this Section:-

  1. Numbers
  2. Ages
  3. Problems on Trains
  4. Time and Work
  5. Permutation and Combinations
  6. Probability

Logical Reasoning is full of logic. Your logical thinking will help you in this section.

Chapter To be Covered in this Section:-

  1. Number Series
  2. Letter Series
  3. Binary Logic
  4. Seating Arrangements
  5. Series Completion
  6. Blod Relationships
  7. Coding and Decoding
  8. Directions
  9. Venn Diagrams
  10. Logical Matching

Verbal Ability will check your English Knowledge. The questions belong to this section is from English Grammer only.

Chapter To be Covered in this Section:-

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Parajumbles
  3. Sentence Correction
  4. Synonyms
  5. Antonyms
  6. Completion

To get the more marks in the Aptitude test, you must Practice more and more. This section needs more practice than reading.

You can also follow a lot of Books to be a master in Aptitude.

Books to Be followed for Aptitude Test:-

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