How to Prepare for competitive exam in short time?

How to prepare for competitive exam

Competitive examinations have always been a game changer in anyone’s life. This is primarily because such a competitive examination either opens up an avenue to add some qualification or qualities in any individual or such an examination opens up a fresh lease of life by providing them a good job opportunity.

Whatever is the purpose of the competitive examination, it is important to attempt the examination with complete discipline and dedication in order to clear the examination and achieve the desired results.

Usually, such competitive examinations have to be prepared within a short duration of time and under strenuous conditions of course! However, knowing the right way to approach such competitive examinations would not only make the path easier but this would also make the process of learning and attempting such examinations enjoyable.

Such a process of learning and preparing for competitive examinations become even more lucid when you have a friend like Sawaal which helps you prepare well and prepare fast for such competitive examinations.

How to prepare for competitive examYes! Sawaal is the best place to practice free and practice right for the competitive examinations.

Even if you have the perfect partner like Sawaal with you, qualifying a competitive examination still is your game and only you can play it.

Thus, it is very important for you to know the rule of the game.

This essentially means that as an individual candidate, you should know the answer of the most important question – how to prepare for competitive exam in short time?

Primarily the candidates appearing for the competitive examinations need to be focused.

The focus should be merely upon the examination and the preparations related to the examinations. While Sawaal also helps you focus on the syllabus and ways to manage your competitive examination, maintaining the focus is the responsibility of the individual.

Some of the tips which will help you prepare for competitive exam in a short time include:

Working Smart rather than Working Hard

Competitive Examinations requires a lot of smartness and presence of mind.

Such smartness would start from the very stage of preparing for the competitive examinations. Rather than completing each individual segment and chapter of the syllabus, it is important to smartly cover the entire syllabus such that questions from each can not only be attempted but also answered well.

Use of well-accepted teaching and learning methodology such as OK4R (Overview, Key ideas, Reading the topic totally, Recall, Reflect, and Review) while completing chapters of the textbooks can work wonders for the students.

Grasp the content well

The content of the syllabus (for the competitive examination) should not only be understood, but the content should be grasped well such that the important facts and figures related to the examination are on the fingertips of the individuals appearing.

The OK4R method suggested in the above point would help the student grasp the matter well.

Competitive Preparation


This holds the key to success in competitive examinations. Though the period of study (both in terms of days available and what one should dedicate for the preparation) are short, discipline regarding studies and hours smartly spent on preparing for the competitive examination holds the key to success.

De-stress yourself with effective breaks

Breaks between studies help in effective learning and retaining and recapitulating the learning. However, what one should be cautious about is that such breaks should be time-bound, short, and used effectively to de-stress and de-clutter the mind.

This would help the candidate prepare for the next stretch of studies. What you do during such breaks, thus, is very important.

Certainly, distractions such as social networks or televisions will not help you think and relax at the same time.

Listening to soft music or taking a quick nap, though can help the candidate.

Taking care of your health

While the mind is working hard to prepare well, it is important to maintain a good physical health too.

This would not only help in sustaining the process of learning, but this would also help us prepare for the day of competitive examination.

Taking a proper diet, drinking lot of water, and exercising regularly would help us stay fit and prepare well. Otherwise, the candidate might not be in a position to take the examination itself.

While the candidate prepares himself/herself mentally for the examination, specialized and customized helps from education partners such as Sawaal helps in reducing the stress and anxiety of the candidates considerably.

This is because the candidates are not only being helped to prepare well (by providing guidance, notes, and practice examination sessions) but the students are also helped and encouraged to prepare strategically and mentally (in terms of time management, stress management, and effectively handling the question papers) to handle the examination well.

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