How to prepare for IB Board Exams? Tips and Techniques to Crack it


IB Board exams are well-known for college credit. IB classes come in both the levels i.e. standard level and higher level types. Colleges occasionally only offer credit for the higher level courses. Colleges wish to see you have taken the most innovative classes obtainable to you.

Taking IB exams is a pronounced way to do that.

In addition to receiving preparation for college, you can also acquire credit for college classes by successfully passing IB exams.

How to prepare for IB Board ExamsHow is IB Different  from any other Board of Education ?

The IB Program is completely practical and application based It lead to all around development of the students having broader spectrum of the subjects. It Tests knowledge rather than memory and speed.

The pedagogy of IB is focused on “How to learn” rather than “what to learn” .

IB Board curriculum is more challenging than CBSE and ICSE. 

IB exam courses involve papers and ib exams graded by tutors (recognised as internal valuations) and papers and ib exams categorized by ib external assessors. Students can attain individual ib classes and receive a credential of completion for each class (with a score of 4 or greater) or can be an ib diploma student, which is a program of span of 2 years for both juniors as well as seniors.

What are the Advantages of International Baccalaureate over CBSE?

Students who choose to follow an IB diploma must complete a precise set of courses by attending ib exams, theory of knowledge course, a 4000 word long essay, action, and 150 hours of creativity, and service hours.

To pursue the full ib course, you have to accept courses among six subjects, one each from groups 1 to 5 as listed below, and any one from group six or a substitute from one of the additional groups. For each of these six core classes, you should take an exam for ib.

  • Group 1: Studies in language and literature (most probable an English literature course if you are among an american student)
  • Group 2: Language acquisition (a foreign language based course)
  • Group 3: Individuals and Societies (geography, history, economics, other social sciences)
  • Group 4: Experimental Sciences (chemistry, biology, physics, other sciences)
  • Group 5: Mathematics
  • Group 6: Arts (dance, visual arts, theater, etc.)

How to choose a IB Subject ?

Yes, Your subject choice is more important for IB Board. Choice of IB Subjects should be according to :-

  1. Area of Strength of Students
  2. Future Career
  3. University Requirement for each Country

How to prepare for IB Board Exams?

Below is the guidance that can make a good sense for studying for ib exams and make even your toughest ib exams a little easier.

  1. Plan Ahead

The finest way to be prepared for IB exams is to have knowledge of the tasks you require to achieve over time. Place important dates on a calendar where you can look it, and make a study schedule using exam time’s study planner tool. Make a plan ahead and you will be well prepared for the ib exams long before they reach.

2. Refer past years’ exam

Similar to other identical exams with an explicit format, the best method to study for your ib exams is to take exams from previous years. Doing so could benefit you acquaint yourself with the exam’s layout and content. Consider inquiring your teachers for copies of past ib exams, if they are obtainable. You can also find sample exams and tests to practise on the web site of ib organization.

3. Ask For Help

Do not be frightened to ask for help when you want it. Ask tutors or friends, or consult forums when you are about to feel depressed. It is vital to remember that ib exams can be overwhelming, and all your friends and fellow ib takers are going through them along with you.

4. Find What Works For You

Study for ib exams by making use of flashcards, write outlines for possible essay questions, quiz yourself, and read things out loud. Testing yourself through quizzes and flashcards is a best way to decide how much you understand. Find what study method works for you, and switch to it.

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