How to Prepare for MAT Sep 2017 Examination ?


As MAT Test is Scheduled to be held on 3rd and 9th September, you have to Prepare for MAT Sep 2017 Examination from today itself.

Only a few days are left for you to prepare for MAT September Exam.

If you are completely new to the Exam, will guide you for preparation of MAT Exam however if you are preparing for other competitive Examination, it is easy to understand the Exam Structure and syllabus.

MAT test is not that much tough like CAT and XAT Exam.

How to apply for MAT Sep 2017?

Syllabus for MAT Sep 2017 Exam

To crack any of the examination it is mandatory to understand the syllabus of the exam thoroughly. If you can able to grasp the complete syllabus and structure of the exam, it’s easy to crack it.

MAT Sep 2017You will find the question from these 5 topics in MAT Sep Exam.

  1. Mathematics
  2. Data Analysis and Sufficiency
  3. Reasoning
  4. Language Comprehensive
  5. General Knowledge

If you are good at mathematics, half part is done for you. Math takes a major role in every Competitive examination and same for MAT also.

The questions of the Math in MAT is from Graduation level. Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometric progression, Percentage, Number system etc are the part of Math question.

In the Data Analysis and Sufficiency, your quick calculation skill will be analyzed. You have to long calculation in a specified time. So, you must be a master in Quicker maths or Vedic maths to crack this section.

Reasoning part needs more practice, more you practice reasoning from the different source, you can able to crack it. There are various Online websites are giving free access to their reasoning Study materials which will help you out.

Practice your preparation with these free Mock Test Website. 

Calculate the depth of your English knowledge. Week English knowledge needs practice and learning of Grammars more than others. Grammer skill is the main attraction of the Exam.

To practice General Knowledge, there is no fixed source. You have to read newspaper, magazines, School books of History and Geography and lots more. More you read better you prepared for General Awareness.

Free Resources to Prepare for MAT Sep 2017 Exam 

Plenty of online resources are available at free to prepare for MAT Exam.

I have prepared some resources for Banking preparation which will help you to prepare for MAT exam also.

These resources also help to prepare your MAT exam within the time period.

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