How to Prepare for UGC-NET Exam? Tips to Start Preparing for NET Exam

How to Prepare for UGC-NET Exam

Are you preparing for UGC- NET Exam? Follow these tips to Start Preparing for NET Examination.

Let’s know about UGC-NET Exam

NET (National Eligibility Test) is a national level exam conducted by UGC (University Grant Commission), which was set up by the union government in the year 1956.

This exam is conducted for candidates who have completed their Post-Graduation (with minimum 55%) and want to set their career in university-level teaching jobs or to seek admission in various Ph.D. level programs.

How to Prepare for UGC-NET ExamThe motive behind this exam is to test the candidate’s qualities regarding the teaching profession and research.

The level of competition among the aspirants is growing and as lakhs of aspirants started appearing for the exam, the competition has become very tough. This makes an individual to prepare smartly by working hard on every related aspect of this examination.In the UGC-NET Exam, you have to appear for three papers, Paper I, Paper II, and Paper III. Questions in the exam are of objective and descriptive patterns. Thus, the syllabus is very huge and the time needed for the preparation is 3-6 months.

Here we are providing all the important TIPS which are helpful for preparing the UGC-NET Exam: –

Tips while preparing for the UGC NET Exam:

Deep research of the syllabus:No matter what the subject is, UGC NET syllabus is huge so the very first thing you have to do is getting the appropriate syllabus. It will help you to go through every topic deeply and prepare accordingly.

Systematic Study: – You have to set all the topics in a systematic way, ignoring the quantity of the syllabus. Set the topics in the way that you can study those subjects regularly, which are tough for you. One of those subjects should be General Awareness as it is an integral part of the exam and has various aspects at National and International level. Set a limit for topics per day and try to complete them in time.

Quality Study: – We know that quality is important than quantity, so make a time-table for daily study and strictly follow it. Because it’s good to study 5 hours a day seriously and learn better, rather than to study 10 hours without concentrating.

Be Selective:As this exam is having a wide syllabus so be selective to set the topics to study. Don’t study the related matter about the topic, because it’ll be of no use if you study extra and waste your time studying the matter which is not going to come in exam. As soon as you complete a topic, make its mark, so that it will be easy for you to find out what are the topics that left for studying.

Time Management: – Success in this exam basically depends on the speed or we can say it’s a game of speed. So you have to attempt questions correctly by maintaining your speed by practicing on your own with the help of previous term papers. Set time while practicing the question paper so that you can develop your potential within the time limitation.

Don’t ignore Paper I:If you have prepared well for UGC NET paper II and III, then it’s not enough because if you don’t attempt UGC NET paper I properly then paper I and II will not be evaluated. So prepare well for the paper I by practicing Aptitude Set MCQs, so that you can make the correct attempt in given time. While solving practice sets set time limits as 75 min and see if you are able to attempt 60 questions.

Practice more and more: – “Practice makes a man perfect” is the quote which we all have heard many times. This line makes the actual sense here because in this exam the key to success is practicing on your own. The more you practice, the more would be the chances to attain good scores in the paper as practice has no alternative.

Tips after the preparation and the day before UGC NET Exam: 

  1. Revise the notes you made:When you are all done with studying, make sure you revise whatever you studied. Take a look at the personal notes you have made while preparing for the exam. That will help you a lot while answering in the exams.
  1. Have proper sleep at night before the exam: – Don’t study the whole night before the exam. Have a good sleep overnight and feel relaxed.
  1. Don’t study the day of the exam:­- Avoid studying on the day of examination. Because it will not help you in the exam, but confuse you about whatever you studied.
  1. Have light food on the day of exam:On the day of the exam don’t have too heavy food. Have some light, but healthy food before the exam. Keep water with you at the time of exam to feel relaxed while exam.
  1. Be confident:Last, but not the least, be confident that you will attempt good and clear the exam. Being confident is necessary to attempt questions correctly in the given time. So, be mentally prepared and all the best!!!

Preparing for UGC-NET is not that difficult if you prepare it properly with tips and techniques. These tips will help you to prepare effectively.

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