How to Prepare IAS Examination Effectively ?


How to Prepare IAS Examination Effectively ? is the common Question among all IAS aspirants. As IAS Examination cover most of the subject from Geography to Politics , right direction is the most important to prepare the Examination.

By Cracking the IAS examination , aspirants will get most prestigious Administrative job. IAS is the meant for noble profession as they serve the nation . Know more about Civil service Aptitude Test .

How to prepare IAS ExaminationIAS Preparation Tips 1 : Smart Work for better Result

Smart work is always work out than Hard work in every Field. Same way , in IAS preparation Smart work will give you more Result than Hard work.  In the sense of Hard work , you have to read more and more books for Information in different subjects of IAS examination. There are lot of book available for different authors to read, But if you are going to read all those books, you are unable to finish on time.

Best way is that, read the book to understand about fundamentals of specified subjects of IAS Examination. Then follow the next book for more information in same topic . If you repeat the books for fundamentals your understanding level will confused by techniques provided by different authors. To crack the IAS examination Different author follow different techniques. Follow the techniques suitable for you. Don’t be biased with different author. Here is the list of Important books for IAS preparation. 

IAS Preparation Tips 2 : Avoid Multi Tasking

If you feel , Multi tasking is better way to Crack the Examination, You are wrong. For learning Single tasking is fruitful than Multi tasking. Follow one topic and subject and try to understand completely , than you change to another one. Don’t mix up the topic in single Day.  Prepare a schedule to read the different subject and act accordingly to avoid confusion among them. It will be benefit to study deeply and understand the topic.

IAS Preparation Tips 3 : Adopt Time Approach

Assigning time to every Subject is the most important at the time of preparation. There is only limited Hour for every day life. Your time approach will guide you to study more and more within your time limit. By Assigning time you can able to cover all those subject , you wish to cover.

Notification : Civil Service 2015 Preliminary Examination is Schedule to be held on 23rd August 2015

Fix a time for Fundamental study as well as current affairs to add more to your preparation.

IAS Preparation Tips 4 : Self Assessment

Self Assessment is the most important to going forward direction. You have to test your self every day for the next day preparation. So you can able to judge your self for enhanced preparation. Testing knowledge by yourself guide you about your preparation techniques.

Adopting self assessment will give you understanding about yourself, Where you are standing in your preparation.

IAS Preparation Tips 5 : Micro Study Notes

At the time of preparation , prepare micro notes and revise time to time as a habit. It is mos important not to forget what you have studied earlier. It is better way to remember by looking micro notes . If you are fundamentally good , then micro notes only help to remind the old study with minimum time frame.

Regularly preparing micro notes and following up , will add more benefit to the preparation.

IAS Preparation Tips 6 : Follow One techniques

For IAS preparation , there are lot of books and Techniques are available from different authors. No need to mix up the techniques by different authors. You have to work on single authors which is understandable for you. No need to follow hard techniques by a Reputed author. Its better to  understand the techniques from a friend which you can grasp rather than from a author of 100 books.

IAS Preparation Tips 7 : Start Early

Start IAS preparation early from your college. It will add fundamental learning to your preparation. You can understand ,How to prepare IAS Exam,When you are in College ? with this article.  Early preparation is bet way to cover all those fundamentals in the IAS examination.

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