How to prepare IAS while you are in college?

How to prepare IAS

College days are the golden days and therefore you should live every moment of it to the fullest. Study hard should be the goal of the college. But 70% of the syllabus of the UPSC Exam can be covered if you work little harder in your graduation than.

With all the energy of the young age and the sharpness of the student’s mind, the just-out-of-college guys have higher probabilities to clear IAS exam.

But without the focused preparation with right guidance and strategies, the attempt may turn futile, resulting in the loss of precious attempts.

How to prepare IASAspirants should never let this happen. We hope this post would help those who are looking for the right guidance to prepare IAS exam while in college, especially the final year students and pre-final year students.

Are you  Eligible to Apply for IAS Exam?

The IAS is the perfect combination of social and personal good, an opportunity, that only few can careers can provide. To aspire for this golden service you need to prepare smartly, persistently, and patiently.

Some of our early Articles may help you to Understand IAS Preparation in a better way.

Take the early advantage

Remember that the eligibility criteria for UPSC Civil Service Exam is 21 years and a graduation in any subject.

So, final year students can apply for IAS Prelims. Most of the candidates miss this early opportunity and come into the UPSC Civil Service Exam preparation field only very late. This is clearly reflected in the final UPSC CSE rank list as the average age of candidates who make it into the final is 28 years.

Starting early would give you a lot many advantages.

And, there is no doubt that aspirants who start early can clear IAS exam without compromising the thrill and happiness of campus life. But for that, you need the right guidance.

Realize that you have time constraints, so prioritize your time!

Those who prepare parallel for UPSC CSE while in the college will have time constraints. So it is very important to prioritize things. Do only what is extremely important.

Go through the previous year UPSC CSE question papers. This should give you the right direction.

Buy the most recommended books for IAS preparation

Once you have decided that IAS is your final goal, read the most necessary books for UPSC CSE preparation.

We have prepared the master list of UPSC books on a separate article. But to begin with, the below are the books you should start with.

Enroll for mock test series

You may appear UPSC Preliminary Exam only after 1-2 years, but enrolling a mock test series as early as possible will benefit you.

ClearIAS online mock test series is trusted by more than 90,000 aspirants and no serious aspirant should miss our online mock tests.

Don’t worry about the marks you score in the mock test as you can take it as an opportunity for learning.

Mock tests help you understand not only the UPSC pattern of questions but also difficult concepts.

If you are lucky, you may get a lot of direct and indirect questions from mock test series alone.

IAS PreparationUtilize your extra time

Whenever you get a free time to utilize it properly. Install different apps such as UnacademyInstall ClearIAS mobile app (Android and iPhone versions available) and use the resources provided in it for free – whether you are sitting in the library or waiting for a bus.

Read Newspapers and Magazines

Never compromise with your newspaper reading habit irrespective of the time constraints. Once you get into the mood, believe us, it’s not that boring!

For quality articles, you can read The Hindu or Indian Express. Give importance to editorials and op-ed articles. The Hindu also has a mobile app.

And regarding magazines, EPW is a good magazine for getting current perspectives. For understanding, Government schemes and initiatives subscribe Yojana and Kurukshetra.

Keep Writing

The writing speed is more important in UPSC CSE Mains. Aspirants just passed out of college will have a big advantage here as they are not out of touch with pen and paper when compared to working professionals.

Take the maximum grip on this.

To polish your writing; Participate in essay competitions in your college. Write letters to editors of famous newspapers.

Discuss current issues with your friends

Preparing for IAS doesn’t mean that you have to stop all chit-chat. Long conversations and debates are all part of college life.

Enjoy it, but try to develop a friend’s circles who think like you, with whom you can discuss current issues.

Believe us, peer learning is one of the most important aspects which help most of the aspirants in the IAS exam. Build your groups right from the college.

Finish 1-2 subjects during semester break

Some toppers believe in finishing the optional subject during semester breaks during college so that they can concentrate on General Studies (GS) and current affairs after graduation.

If time permits, either you can finish your optional subject or the entire set of NCERTs from class 6-12. Again, you can try finishing all the free study materials provided by different websites to build your concepts or all online mock tests and revise the resources provided.

Read Toppers interviews

With the course of time, IAS preparation strategies keep on changing with the availability of new materials and new question patterns from UPSC.

Always refer the UPSC toppers interviews at, MrunalOrganisation, and INSIGHTS  for the latest tips from toppers. This would keep you motivated. Have big dreams. All the best!

Also, don’t develop a negative attitude towards private sector jobs.

If you are getting an opportunity to work with some firm (startup or giant) then grab the opportunity! It will give you altogether different experience.

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