How to Start a Career in Hotel Management?


Career in Hotel Management is trending now among the new generation. Tourism, Hotel and Food Industry is growing with the economy of India.

Hangouts, dining outs, and partying have become second nature to the people. Hotel business, be it too tiny or massive, is proliferating.

Tourism and Hospitality sector is now a Significant Industry which generates more Employment and the main source of Foreign Exchange of India.

There is an ever growing demand for qualified and well-trained professionals in the massive industry that constantly grows. Due to dramatic growth and widespread opportunities that persistently elevate the career profile, a career in hotel management becomes a promising option.

A job in the hotel industry is not merely any typical job that counts on nothing.

The role of hotel managers is pivotal. They count a lot on efficient performance and profitable operations.

Career in Hotel ManagementIt’s a service industry. It involves making others comfortable and happy. Getting trained in hotel management develops and enhances the niche working skills, which are easily tradable in service industries.

Why Choose a Career in Hotel Management?

Hospitality and hotel management goes hand in hand.

The hospitality and hotel management industry in India is booming with an unlimited number of career opportunities.

Hotel Industry dataIndia is one of the most wanted and most visited travel destinations, which entices the westerners. Travel and tourism industry is in a growing pace attracting more visitors.

In addition, the lifestyle of the people has evolved. There are DJ bars, fine dining restaurants, clubs, pubs, catering services, guest houses and much more that becomes part of life to many people.

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All these led to the growth and development of a chain of luxury hotels, resorts, fast food network, ties with the travel industry, etc are running short of talented hotel management professionals with operational excellence!

  • The industry never goes out of sheen
  • Shortage of trained and qualified professionals
  • Easy to study unlike technical courses
  • Assured job placement immediately after course completion
  • Lucrative career that assures promising growth
  • Constant demand for well-trained personnel

Hotel Management Career – Versatile Options to Explore

As stated above, this is not a single window career. In fact, there is an opportunity to explore plenty of career options.

Literally, in every service industry, there is moderate to high demand for qualified hotel management candidates. A candidate with a degree or diploma in hotel managing can get work in the below departments.

  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Guesthouses
  • Airline catering and cabin services
  • Hospital catering and administration
  • Clubs and Bars
  • Catering institutes and services
  • Hotel management institutes
  • Cruise ship
  • Tourism associations

hotel IndustryHotel Management Courses – Academics and Training

To become a part of the growing hotel management industry, students need proper education as well as training. More than academic value, the courses focus on training skills, communication, discipline to the students.

Without proper training and educational qualification, it is impossible to enter or serve in the industry.

A career in hotel management is quite versatile. There are plenty of options to choose a department and pursue your degree or diploma.

Diploma and Certificate programs in Hotel Management

Ultimate guide to Hotel managementStudents can choose to study a diploma, certificate or a degree in hotel management.

  • Usually, a diploma is a short course, which lasts for one or two years.
  • Certificate program in hotel management lasts for 3 to 6 months.

There are many hotels and service industries that recruit the candidates who hold a diploma or certificate in hotel management program. Doing these programs needs a minimum qualification of passing class 10, from any approved education board.

Bachelors Program in Hotel Management

A bachelors program in hotel management is an undergraduate degree that involves three or four years of academic study. After completion of higher secondary education, students can enroll for a bachelor degree in hotel management in any reputed institution, college or a university.

Eligibility to Study Hotel Management Courses

  • Students with 10th qualification can study certificate course in hotel management
  • Students with 10th or 12th qualification can study diploma programs in hotel management
  • Students who passed 10+2 formal school education are eligible to apply for bachelor degree
  • Students who hold a graduate degree preferably in hotel management can enroll in masters program

Usually, there is no restriction to enroll any student from a choice of subjects they studied in the higher secondary.

Admission to the hotel management degree

Admission to the hotel management course is purely based on the performance of the candidate. Written test, group discussion, and personal interview usually form part of the selection.

These courses are conducted by different types of educational institutions.

  1. Government institutes – Common Entrance Tests
  2. Private Institutes – Entrance test, group discussion and personal interview
  3. Institutes run by reputed group of hotels – Entrance test, group discussion and personal interview
  4. Management schools in coloration with foreign hotels – Entrance test, group discussion and personal interview

NCHMCT JEE is a common entrance test, conducted for admission of students in the Central Institute of Hotel Management, State Government Institutes of Hotel Management, Public Sector Undertaking, and Private Institutes. There are institutes that affiliates with NCHMCT to regulate admission to the hotel management courses.

The selection process is purely based on merit. It is an All India Written Test and students are admitted based on rankings.

Course curriculum generally involves classroom and practical training in hotels, restaurants, and related service areas. An internship is a part of the hotel management diploma program. In addition, many reputed chains of hotels, and luxury hotels offer internship training for these students.

Prestigious Hotel Management Programs

There are quite a few prestigious hotel management courses offered by reputed institutes in India.

  1. BA in hotel management and BA Hons in Culinary Art, from Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad
  2. Systematic Training and Education Programme, The Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development
  3. Bachelor of hotel management, the ITC group
  4. Diploma in catering technology, the ITC group


The initial remuneration involves around INR 15,000 to INR 20,000. However, if you study from a reputed institute, you can get the initial package of minimum INR 30,000 per month.

Typically, a candidate with graduation is appointed as a management trainee for a period of 18 months to 24 months. Upon successful completion, you can get promoted as an Assistant Manager or Manager, based on the performance.

 Some Hotel Management Institute you can look out

I listed out some Hotel Management Institute for your reference, you can look out.

  • Institute of Hotel Management,  Jodhpur
  • Institute of Hotel Management,  Kolkata
  • Institute of Hotel Management,  Lucknow
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Gandhinagar
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Bhopal
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Bhubaneswar
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Chennai
  • Institute of Hotel Management, New Delhi
  • Delhi Institute of Hotel Management,  New Delhi
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Gangtok
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Goa
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Applied Nutrition,  Dehradun
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Gurdaspur
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Guwahati


If you are a Foodie, this industry is best for you. You can start your career by joining any of the good Hotel Management Institute where you can get the exposure to achieve your dream.

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