How to Use Elimination Method to get Highest probability of Right Answer in Entrance Examination?


Preparing for Entrance Examination, for the best result you must have to use different strategy at the time of preparation as well as in the Examination. Only the proved strategy will  guide you in succeeding in Exam. There are lots of techniques are available to work on Time Management, Differentiation the syllabus, Choosing right books and methods for the different kind of Examination. A different strategy is applicable in different Examination. 

Most of the strategy guide you how to study and manage the time. In the examination hall for a particular question, you find options of answers are quite similar to each other and confuse you to choose the right one. In  this situation, only Elimination Method will help you to choose the right answer for the question. 

By the elimination method, your guess will be Educated guess rather than random one. The chances of correctness will be improved by this method. 

What is Elimination Method?

By the way of elimination method, try to eliminate as many options as you can using your knowledge base. Elimination of incorrect one will improve the probability of right answer. Rather than guess the right one, you just have to eliminate the wrong one in an option.  

Learn Elimination method from Dr. Roman Saini from Unacademy to maximize the chance of higher marks in Entrance Examination. Really this video will help you to get higher marks in Examination.

This Method can be used CAT 2015 preparation, GATE 2015 and also other entrance examination. 

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