How to use YouTube Channel for Banking Preparation?

YouTube Channel for Banking preparation

Youtube Channel for Banking Preparation !!

Yes, You can Prepare your Banking and any competitive Examination through Youtube Free of Cost.

According to the researchers, there is a great inclination in India towards bank jobs. Bank exams are gaining hype among many students apart from other government exams. There are various subjects in banking exams that are aptitude, reasoning, general awareness, etc. and student can be through by following some useful tips.

Many students these days are not attending various coaching centers so there are chances that one can miss those useful tips.

YouTube channels are filling the gap for banking preparations by providing free access to Educators.

There are plenty of YouTube channels for banking preparation from where one can learn lessons, improve their negatives for banking preparations and that too live.

YouTube Channel for Banking preparationSome YouTube channels famous for banking preparations, conduct live classes online where students from any part of our country can have interactive sessions to ask for their queries and revise the syllabus with their instructors.

Through this blog, we would mention some of the Youtube channels for banking preparations, its method of use and the benefits of subscribing these channels.

How to Use Youtube Channel for Banking Preparation?

You are using daily different kind of videos for Entertainment, so let’s use Videos for your career progress.

There is a different kind of channels are available for Preparation on Youtube. You have to select the right youtube channel as per your requirement.

As lots of Channels are available on the name of Banking Preparation, selection of the right channel is tough.

You have to follow the right Channel for the right content.

Following a good channel will give you access to the best content and techniques.

Before following any of the channels try to verify the authenticity of the author.

Verified Youtube Channel for banking preparation

3 Things to consider before Following any YouTube Channel for Preparation

Before your selection, you must check out these 3 parameters to validate for better learning.

  1. Subscriber Base
  2. Number of Views
  3. Verified by YouTube

More Subscriber is one of the best sign of authenticity. As like you Channel is well popular among student community for the learning.

A number of views play a significant role in any of the channels. More views mean students are using videos for their learning needs.

Finally, Verification tickMark by YouTube is the sign of Authenticity.

You can trust the channel by these 3 parameters for your preparation.

• Firstly, launch the YouTube app by downloading it from any browser or play store.
• Search for the channel name you like to subscribe that is MahendraGuru/BankersAdda 247/ MeritShine.
• You can see the results that are MahendraGuru/BankersAdda 247/MeritShine.
• After that click on the subscribe button by clicking on the channel, you want to subscribe.
• Just see the subscribe button on the right side of the channel’s name.
• After subscribing the channel, you can see the related videos for banking preparation exams for example profit and loss tricks, data analysis videos etc.

After selection, you have to Subscribe the same channel to get the updates of new videos of the same channel.

You have to view all those videos and follow the procedures live from the instructor.

Here you can find the 6 Best youtube channels for Banking Preparation.

Here we featured 3 Youtube Chanel that can be helpful banking preparations: –

  1. Mahendra Guru

One can say that it is the best YouTube channel for banking preparations to learn and improvise for banking exams. This YouTube channel has basically managed by the Mahendra which is a renowned name in the industry of banking preparations coaching in India.

Not only for Banking Preparation but you can also get the free study materials for other Govt Competitive Examination.

Click Here to Visit Mahendra Guru Youtube Channel

Benefits of Mahendra Guru Youtube channel

• One of its advantages that you can polish your current affairs section with each date updates.
• People weak in the vocabulary can practice it through their Hindu vocab dictionary.
• Through this Youtube channel, the instructors are generally on their toes to remain active for upcoming banking exams.
• One of the most important benefits is that they specifically focus on the SBI PO exam and prepare at least 20 questions every day in each important section to share it with their students.
• They are renowned for taking long hours classes for discussing upcoming exams so one cannot lag behind any bank exam.

  1. Adda 247IBPS, SSC CGL, SBI, Bank PO Clerk Exams

Another famous Youtube channel for banking preparations is BankersAdda which is gaining its popularity at a fast rate.

Adda 247 embraces especially your current affairs section, unlike the MahendraGuru. Their classes are on alternate days but they do manage to cover the syllabus efficiently and within time.

Adda 247 has gained its fate due to the interviews they usually conduct after the bank exams and then publish it on their channels. They lag behind the MahendraGuru in the rankings but manage to deliver relevant information according to the needs of the students.

  • Subscriber till today: 2661472
  • Views till today: 290,740,665
  • Videos Available till Today: 9494

Benefits of Adda 247 Youtube channel

• This channel is run by the IIT-M alumnus with its goal to achieve excellence in government jobs.
• It has many branches in the metropolitan cities including more than 70 centers in India.
• Their team includes hard-working entrepreneurs who are educated from renowned universities with their goal to train every student in the education industry.
• It has an online test book series through which students practice each subject thoroughly and then compares their scores with other students around the country.

  1. MeritShine

Meritshine is basically a new YouTube channel for banking preparations in collaboration with Gradeup.

This YouTube channel has recently in the news because of their excellence in the SBI PO videos. They used to publish their live videos everyday with lessons about each subject for banking preparations.

They are not really as polished or technically sound as the other two websites which we have mentioned above but they are trying to build their reputation in this industry.

Surveys say that their lessons are easy to grasp but it becomes boring as the time progresses.

Benefits of MeritShine Youtube channel

• One can easily learn how to crack various types of logical reasoning questions within seconds.
• They use the Vedic maths tricks so reasoning and quant analysis will become a hassle-free job for many students.
• One can learn how to analyze, interpret and crack data interpretation questions within seconds.

Along with these channels, you can also search for channels which provide materials for specialized subjects.

You must follow these 10 tips to crack any of the Competitive Examination.

Information updated on 05/05/2019.

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