Why HRD Minister, Smriti Irani, Questioned by IIT Student ?


Every body wants New , what about existing one ? Is the Existing performing well ? If the same question asked about Education Industry , we can simple assume that it’s just going in nature. Before Adding a new set up, first have to examine the Existing one .

Same way , Union Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani  asked by One IITian , rather than Set up new Eight IIT, Why not considering to develop the Old one. IITian come out with an interesting fact and figure for the debate with Union Minister. Online Campaign already heat the social media, facebook, twitter and WhatsApp and reached to collect 6000 signature from the follower.

online petition

The Online Petition was formed by Digvijay Patil , Student Of IIT Kharagpur about the Existing Infrastructure of the 16 IIT’s . 

Yes , This Issue is Very Important, because the IIT carry Brand of India Globally. The Premier Indian Institute For Science and Technology.

He point out the Facility strength and  poor Infrastructure of Institute for the Study as well as Hostels of the Institute. Report Says only 62% of the Faculty position  Filled and rest are Guest faculty only. The Contractual agreement in between Faculty and IIT is providing the Education in the India’s Best Engineering and Technology Institute.

In 2009 , 8 New IIT was Born , but where is the future of those IIT, Till now most of the not Moved to it’s new Building. Still its struggling to fill up the students. All those eight campus still not fully functional.

Due to the Poor Infrastructure and Absence of Faculty , New IIT’s  not attracting the students.

Increasing the Number is not the solution for the Education, Infrastructure and Faculty is the main concern in the Education . Increasing the Number of Institute will just waste of money and decreasing the quality of the Education.

Additional Development of the Infrastructure as well as quality permanent Faculty will increase the quality of the Skills among the students.

You can Participate the Petition Here .signthis petition

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